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Uris is a nonprofit organization founded by an association of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and independent investors who share the view that entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of development in emerging markets and that Transparent and effective innovation can contribute to an open, sustainable and prosperous future to improve the quality of […]

Rento  is a global exchange platform for businesses and individuals that allow you to rent properties. Unlike the market competitors, Rento offers rental objects to people, instead of just focusing on a market (car, apartment). In addition, Rento uses blockchain technology to enforce strong economies through smart contracts, the safe […]

Zero Carbon Project  Have you wondered how we are affected by global warming caused by the active combustion of fossil fuels? It seemed that in the last half-century the temperature rose only half a degree… But we have experienced the consequences of such a minor change. The abnormal heat, alternating with […]

HashByte – The new mining service in the cloud is a new company that seeks to revolutionize what people thought was already a revolutionary industry. Let HashByte simply make clear what the difference is between your project and the wide variety of other cloud-based mining companies that exist. The HashByte team […]

Future Energy is a cryptocurrency mine, which will reduce the cost of cryptocurrency digital currency, heating the costs to be spent using the latest unconventional electrical resources. Using this last resource, Future Energy has an operational component of 0. Future Energy is the first and the last. Future Energy provides […]