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BGX I am pleased to realize that I live in a century where development does not stand still. Technology is growing stronger and stronger every day. There are unique opportunities for us and I am happy to share with you the projects that move our world forward. It is a […]

DICE is the abbreviation of “DIGITAL CERTIFICATES “. DICE is the new crypto currency and universal platform to raise funds through the mining cryptocurrency. It has properties of both cryptocurrency current and traditional money, and also create new funding routes for any business. DICE Unveils economic Cluster Model ” “, […]

QURREX  It seems to me that most of the simple participants of Kriptorynka are sincere enthusiasts of Kristofer and really believe that very soon to shop at the store around the corner will be for ETH or EOS and that all transactions in a particular field will be held Exclusively […]

Payportal Greetings to all, I’m in love with cryptographic coins and follower of good projects. In this new publication, would like to present the project Payportal. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies, ICO … but blockchain Payportal is the coolest, and for more details, let’s look […]

FTEC project queue-this new ecosystem intelligent services and neural networks. The goal of this system is to conduct effective trading activity on crypto markets, which is now a highly topical issue for many. The relevance of this caused great interest foremost investors in world currency and interest to crypto that […]

PAYGINE – Today, investing in a variety of projects is an excellent way to earn money without particular manipulations and efforts. Almost nobody interesting variant with simple storage tools in a safe place, they will not be able to “run” and make a profit. If the money is “work”-you can […]