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Siglo – Lately Siglo has been a good topic because it provides breakthrough solutions for most mobile users around the world. As we know, more and more people are using their mobile devices to do everything from shopping, looking for a place, ordering food, etc. The use of Internet access […]

SID (Share Internet Data ) Usually, internet access is provided by special providers and mobile operators or wireless access points, which is common for everyone but also puts users in some frameworks, imposing their rules and tariffs. The SID will offer users of smartphones that have no coverage or access […]

Payperblock is a project that will create a decentralized platform that brings together customers and freelancers in a variety of ways. The platform will be a place where talented freelancers will be able to find work for themselves, becoming part of one of the startups in the technology of distributed […]

ERN – Few projects working on Blockchain technology have the ability to release their own product, released into real life in the form of a material object. So, I have been very pleased to dedicate another article to the project called ERN. The project involved the creation of two tools, […]

ENDO – Today we will tell you about ENDO-the protocol for storage and confirmation of encrypted data. The goal of the project is to create a truly secure, authenticated, easy-to-find data environment of many types. The ENDO token in the project ecosystem will be a necessary tool to participate in […]

W12 – ICO (Initial Coin offering) is a popular form of attracting investments into cryptocurrency projects. When a company or group issues its own cryptocurrency, they usually create a certain number of tokens and sell tokens to investors in different crowd safe. If you are a digital electronics vendor, you […]