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Securix – Hello my friends today I want to share with you a project, a project that will change the visioned future of this great project, very likely very valuable to call it the best project Extraction is the process of additional records in general accounting transactions, Bitcoin or cryptography […]

Quras – Many organizations in the world use big data in their activities. You need to create a platform that provides security and data security. In the United States, the health and insurance industries use big data to ensure that their customers are accounted for. Incorrectly documented customers in an […]

EyeGLob  – The world of Securiteyglob wants to create an ecosystem that will consist of professional and social networks that will be used for individual eye care for all. Confidential and intellectual contracts will enable the management of contract and health data. The Eyeglob platform is equipped with a health […]

Desico develops a platform that will allow users to easily run the ICO campaign in Safe mode. Active development of the cryptocurrency industry, in particular bitcoin, has made a real splash in society. I think that almost every person, even weakly versed in all this sphere, has ever heard about […]

Make – Today a lot of people face the problem – it is often very difficult to find important digital information that has previously been featured on certain resources. All of it is scattered-the search requires additional spending time. Imagine that you need a certain picture or video file-Find the […]

Asobi Coin – What if you can buy or sell secondary content, such as books, comics, programs, videos, music, software, etc.? Oh, no, it can’t be. But the company Asobimo says “No problem” and creates the world’s first platform on the basis of blockchain for distribution of secondary content. The […]