BTC Reviews and News

Tip proposes goal to take the main cryptocurrency by providing solutions that make finding the user, business, and other useful information at blockchain as easy as that on social platforms. We create an ecosystem where users can trade with each other in a simple and familiar, without technical barriers. The […]

Midex is a modern platform based on blockchain technology, the main purpose of which is to conduct financial transactions. Today the market of cryptocurrency is only in a state of development. Every day the amount of cryptocurrency that people use in modern life is growing. Despite the fact that its […]

Zper – Blockchain technology grows every day. New opportunities for investors continue to emerge. Because of the emergence of many different projects, people are hesitant about where to invest. The Zper platform we will introduce to you today is quite interesting. Zper is a non-centralized P2P financial ecosystem based on […]

Merculet  -improving the Decentralized Commercial Civilizations. his for more details about this project let us discuss together but before joining the program ICO we must know first what is the project Merculet. Social networking can be regarded as the best available platform for attracting the attention of others. Snapchat and […]

SHIVOM the project is unique and empowering, Shivom will allow donors DNA data to collaborate with the makers of the revolutionary changes in the field of biotechnology, health care, industry and research institutes as well as Government regulated contribute during a medical miracle is unprecedented. Make genomic data center as […]