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ACA Network is a new generation platform designed to raise the market of online advertising to a new level. The main purpose of the platform’s creators is to organize a reliable, transparent and understandable system for carrying out transactions. Such a system will be advantageous for each party, both for […]

KUBITX – Currently, the cryptocurrency market is developing and is capitalization of about 250 billion. Dollars. There are analysts ‘ predictions that this figure is just the beginning. Consequently, the demand for crypto exchanges will also increase. Blockchain technology is gaining popularity today and is rapidly evolving. The growth of […]

AgentMile – The world’s first decentralized leasing platform for the commercial real estate. We allow brokers and landowners to register their commercial properties on the powerful MLS Blockchain and offer advanced rental, management, and reporting capabilities. This allows us to see unique information about the needs of various business models […]

SUBAJ – In our daily lives, all people in the world are engaged in one thing, namely spending money, in order to live in abundance and in favorable conditions. For example: Pay for products, utilities, medicines, clothing, education, gadgets, flats, cars and much more. All this is combined with the […]

Asset allocation or AAT is an asset management platform that offers you a smart and easy way to manage all your ICO and cryptocurrencies/portfolio investments under a single platform using all the necessary tools and Professional knowledge. Asset allocation current is a platform that is global and decentralized and is […]