МЕТТА — It is a Mobile Solution Based On Geolocation And Block-Chain

METTA– is a platform that allows users to ordered some offline services within a single application. Metta platform running technology uses geolocation and blockchain. In the application there is a special cryptocurrency Metta, comments and also Messaging. In the application of Metta, the client can mutually bargaining with service providers through chat features are available and can also send each other pictures to make sure the State of the goods or services will be used.
By using Smart Contract, all types of transactions that occur will be more secure and get on track by public, very transparent. This is the reason why the blockchain technology that implements the Metta which has the power of super specials. Geolocation technology assistance will also help users to find the services that more closely and will certainly save time and transportation costs.

Metta Application
Users in the ecosystem of Metta there is only the client, i.e. someone who order services and there is also a Service Provider (service providers), i.e. someone who provides services or services to the client. The application will be simple and Metta, simple to make users more ease in using it.

For The Client

  • Sign up for free at through applications
  • Applies to all services with the appropriate geolocation and receive a quote.
  • Select service providers who consider ratings, reviews and commentary, the best terms and price quote.
  • Discuss the details of the order with the default messenger.
  • Security of Payment agreements made after the service has been granted and Smart Contract has been closed.
  • Share your reviews on the quality of the service by other users.
  • Do the payment for the service either by fiat money and token Mettacoin.
  • Earn extra money by giving comments and reviews of service providers, to communicate with users of other platforms.

For Service Providers

  • Sign up free at the Metta platform.
  • Get orders from clients for free.
  • Pay arrears Charges deducted from the actual costs of the service.
  • Negotiate the details of the transaction with the client that uses the default messenger.
  • Guarantee of the payment transaction is carried out only after the services have been rendered and Smat Contract has been closed.
  • Get more orders for the positive image and a higher rating through a number of good reviews.
  • Share information with members of the professional community of other platforms.
  • Develop an assessment by communicating with users, consultation, advice and recommendations.
  • Do the payment for the service platform of Metta well with fiat money and token Mettacoin.
  • Have access to information about the deal that was done with Metta. History of payments, fees, test and repair, car reviews and ratings written in a chain blocks and stored permanently. No one
  • is allowed to change or alter it including project manager.

Metta Platform Advantage
To be able to compete and compete with rivals, then will have the winning features of the Metta to be able to attract the interest of users. This is one of the long-term marketing strategy on the platform and are also vital.

High-level Data Exchange
Metta has built-in Messenger that allows to send a service request to all providers available in Geolocation. You can order simultaneously with just one click in mobile applications. Built-in broadcaster allows contractors to instantly exchange text messages, documents, photos. Today’s email services gave way to instant messenger Whats App, Viber, Telegram, Slack, etc. The Messenger’s popularity growing by leaps and bounds and diyakaini jug will ease in the use of the application.

The actual reviews and Rating
Mettamake a revolution, he introduced the blockchain provider-client relationship! A new kind of relationship based on Smart Contract and responsibility automatically receive a new level of credibility to ensure the review and assessment of a lifetime that will be stored in blockchain and can not be changed or modified. Only the client can leave reviews of the service. You can always sign up to the author of the review through the built-in messenger. True Ranking will have a positive quality in service quality, while history repairs and servicing of authentic car important to purchase/sales.

All service Offline in one application
You need a massage service, servicing the fan, stove service, install gas, dishwasher, washing clothes, cooking, even to make a home? Now you don’t have to download and register on a separate application for each service. Metta gives you the possibility to find any services in one application only.

Cheap Cost To Client
The aggregation of different services on one platform will positively impact not only the convenience of the users of the services, but also financial indicators project. The owner of the car, may have an apartment or home and need a variety of different services. Therefore, after paying for the involvement of customers in car repair, Metta offers other clients in a single interface, no longer bear the cost of attractions. This significantly affects the marketing budgets and profit project, which depends on the frequency of their use.

Low cost Attractions clients to service providers
Metta enables service providers, and most of all, private entrepreneurs and small businesses, which often can not have full Internet sales channel, to get the extra customers without creating websites and invest in the promotion. At the same time, general rules and smart contracts encouraging healthy competition.

Token and ICO
Mettacoin is the Token used for the process of fundraising through events ICO. A total of 300 million is released Mettacoin Mettacoin Mettacoin 210 million of which will be sold and 90 million Mettacoin will be used by teams as emissions. Stage crowd sale will be divided into two, i.e. Pre-ICO and ICO.

Pre ICO held on November 20, 2017 – 19 Desembbr 2017. A number of 8,895,539 Mettacoin. Price of 1 Mettacoin is 1 ETH = 7249 Mettacoin, with an average discount of 40% from the price of the ICO.

Main ICO held on 1 January 2018 – 1 February 2018. Sejumah 201,104,461 Mettacoin (67.03%) will be sold at the ICO with roughly the maximum gain is 44.761 ETH. The price of a token is 1 ETH = 4493 Mettacoin.

The seriousness of the project team in developing metta to has now been set on a funding session or let the crowd through ICO.

Website : https://metta-ico.com
Whitepaper : https://metta-ico.com/docs/whitepaper-metta-en.pdf
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