4ARTECHNOLOGIES – Eliminates the Problem of Art Fraud

4ArtTechnologies – The world of modern art needs some changes, given the huge number of problems. Innovative technologies allow coping with the existing situation. The developers of the decentralized project 4ArtTechnologies believe that their offspring will open a unique opportunity to eliminate the most global problem in the art segment. Swiss specialists have decided to launch the project 4ArtTechnologies, which has already been able to attract a huge number of investors. This is a huge decentralized platform, the basis of which is the innovative technology blockchain. The 4ArtTechnologies project is designed to make the sale of works of art more efficient and secure. Today there are too many fraudulent schemes and technologies that do not allow to rely on effective transactions. Buyers often face unscrupulous sellers who try to seize their funds by offering counterfeit products. Galleries of private collectors are replenished not by the originals, but by simple uncommon canvases, this problem is the most acute in modern realities.

Developers of 4ArtTechnologies believe that advanced authentication will help to cope with the situation and eradicate fraud from the art segment. The developers ordered the creation of a special innovative technology from German experts to combine it with a blockchain and provide ideal conditions for their customers. “Special final prints ” will be the ideal solution for To protect users from substandard works of art. Personal IDs allow you to enter into really profitable transactions. The decentralized platform 4ArtTechnologies has only one global goal-to rid the art segment of fraudulent schemes and make all purchases really profitable and protected.
Why 4ArtTechnologies developers decided to create a project

According to the information they provided in the official papers-experts analyzed the data of reputable portals. This approach helped to understand the main problem faced by people in the art segment. Almost half of all existing works of art are not protected against counterfeiting, there is also no evidence to classify these paintings as the original. At the same time, collectors who want to acquire a certain masterpiece, spend a lot of money to get an expert evaluation, the necessary evidentiary basis. In some situations, fakes are detected-it immediately affects the value of the object of art and the number of people willing to make a deal.

Solving this type of problem-the main goal of 4ArtTechnologies developers, they offer customers unique capabilities of their platform. 7 Separate services will be launched at once, which allow coping with the existing situation:

The creator of a certain object of art is obliged to register a peculiar biometric passport. The imprint of the person who worked on the Masterpieces will act as an effective guarantee of authenticity;

Each transaction will be certified. This allows to catalog transactions, in case of discrepancy detection-the transaction is canceled. 4ArtTechnologies Blockchain technology, as well as intellectual contracts, make it easy to implement your plans;

Cloud storage can be used to store the necessary information about art objects. In this case, the information will be reliably protected from attacks by outsiders;

Internal 4ArtTechnologies tokens can be used to guarantee not only the purchase but also transportation, as well as the necessary restoration of the object of art. This is very advantageous, given the rapid development of cryptocurrency segment;

Each transaction will be validated. Artificial intelligence allows you to effectively control all transactions that will be executed within the decentralized platform 4ArtTechnologies;

Own crypto-wallet for each user 4ArtTechnologies. This is a great opportunity to make all the necessary transactions at any time;

Catalog, which will have all the necessary information about art objects. In this case, this is a great opportunity to find the best option for the deal. Thanks to the capabilities of the decentralized platform 4ArtTechnologies, you will not become a victim of scams and be able to get the desired original.

How 4ArtTechnologies Technology Works
Here everything will work in stages, the developers have invented a fairly simple, but effective algorithm of actions:
1. Just take a photo of the required artwork, you can safely use the smartphone;
2. The internal application promptly processes the received photo to get all the details of the picture. This makes it possible to determine its authenticity in the future;
3. If you are the author of the picture it is necessary to provide not only your data but also imprint. In this case, the photo will be stored in the cloud service. All data becomes part of the catalog, the system identifies you as the author of the work;
4. If the 4ArtTechnologies system has not detected any fraudulent actions and the picture has passed the test-you get information that it is genuine.

This service is effective not only for sellers but buyers can also thus quickly check the value of the work of art. You do not need the help of intermediaries or experts, you just need to use your smartphone. 4ArtTechnologies developers have already managed to attract the attention of a huge number of reputable investors, which allows hoping for rapid development of the project.

4ArtTechnologies In general, there is no claim to a decentralized platform 4ArtTechnologies. Developers have managed to create a quality and thoughtful service that allows solving real problems in the art segment. Thanks to the unique features of 4ArtTechnologies, you can quickly browse the catalogs to verify the authenticity of the selected picture. In the future, developers plan to add the possibility of direct cooperation with the seller. This will allow you to make the necessary purchases efficiently and quickly. In order to take advantage of the possibilities of 4ArtTechnologies, it is necessary to pass a quick registration, the data will be completely classified, it is done only to ensure that the scammers could not access the project. 4ArtTechnologies is now undergoing the final stages of testing and will soon begin active work.

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