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4ArtTechnologies I – Makes managing portfolios easier than ever. The 4ART platform as a service helps users to maintain all certificates of ownership, credit, recovery, transportation and insurance related to artwork-for owners of individual items, as well as galleries and museums with Large portfolios. The information associated with the object and the user can be separated on demand, which provides maximum transparency while maintaining individual anonymity.
Like any other intellectual property owner Because of the opacity during resale, this rarely happens. Thanks to the clever 4ART platform contracts, artists can now receive notification that when one of their works is sold and earn without compromising the buyer’s privacy.
Once the fingerprint has been removed, all that is required to authenticate the work is another quick preview using the mobile app. Since this fingerprint-along with all other important information about history and origin is stored on the blockchain, it is protected from unauthorized access.
The industry has long resisted the creation of a centralized database due to confidentiality problems for investors and art owners and the lack of a practical technical solution. Due to the block and intellectual contracts, the confidentiality of buyers and sellers is guaranteed at every step. And with added transparency in history/origin, the market will become more secure and transparent to all established players and will become more accessible to new investors.
Status reports are part of almost every transaction on the art market: 4ArtTechnologies I from insurance to logistics to sales-at least theoretically. Practically there was no good solution to do it effectively. With the 4ART mobile app, status and recovery reports will inevitably become part of the minutes for a fraction of the set cost.
Although art has long been a valuable asset for investors who want to diversify their portfolios, the most recent numbers on the art market, published by Art Basel and UBS in their report “The art market 2018”, show the true potential of bright and growing Market.
Hi all! If you are interested in Blockchain technology and want to invest in a project that uses Blockchain technology, you should read my article because I will introduce the project Blockchain called 4ARTechnologies and learn more about the benefits and Advantages of the 4ARTechnologies project, here is an explanation
4ArtTechnologies I Art is culture and this part of our identity, but art is also passion, good commerce, and object of desire, investment and currency. Art is so much and yet something else for the everyone-the only thing we all have is the desire to protect this asset and its values. So 4ART is building a new world of art on the blockchain, with clever contracts and DNA prints, but the heart of this new world is still based on transactions. Application 4ART uses innovative vector technology and layered photo to record the molecular structure of the artwork from any smartphone.
It also helps you create status and recovery reports. Due to the exclusive relationship with our technical partner Atlantic Zeiser GmbH-the leading German supplier of security solutions for banknotes and identity documents-it is licensed exclusively for 4ARTechnologies for global use in the art market. When the user (checked according to the KYC standards used by Swiss banks) scans the image, this powerful software records its structural, material and textural functions as well as the color spectrum. Using advanced authentication technology and capturing layers, the image data is then converted to a unique imprint of the picture. This “imprint” is stored on the blockchain together with all other relevant information, providing the work with a “biometric passport” with a forgery, which also lists its current status/recovery status. After the initial scan of the image, its imprint can be scanned for any other image intended for the same image, using only the smartphone again.
This ensures that the digital certificate and physical image are truthful. At the moment and for future generations.
The 4ArtTechnologies I solution combines the superior security of the blockchain with advanced authentication technology to address the industry’s most pressing challenges while creating value for all artists. While other platforms for cataloging and transactions only allow authentication of digital certificates (history and Origin), 4ARTechnologies allows you to authenticate the physical image itself. The “Advanced Authentication” technology, which will be displayed in our mobile applications, makes the test quick and easy.
TOKEN Sales Details
June 25, 2018
Stage One
Closed Group
Tokens are sold at a price of €0.08
By invitation only
A closed group is only available to the first investors who are in close contact with 4ARTechnologies.
Application 4ART-Active application execution
July 09, 2018
Stage Two
Tokens are sold for €0.10
The best time for investors who are not members of a closed group and who want to achieve the lowest possible price and maximum profit for their investment
4ART App-Development aims to launch an alpha version of the application
August 31, 2018
Stage Three
Tokens are sold for €0.20
4ART ICO Early Bird provides a good middle ground for investors who would like to make sure that ICO is working successfully, but still, want to receive higher bonuses than those offered during the public event.
Application 4ART-alpha testing is active and further integration of the API is being prepared
October 31, 2018
Stage Four
Tokens For sale for €0.30
4Art ICO End December 31, 2018
The most common sale for the general public. With the development, full and rapid growth of support, everything is ready for massive waves of investors. The first works are recorded on the blockchain using the 4ART application. After the end of ICO tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency Exchanges.
4ART App-Deployment in European markets in the first quarter of the 2019 year, followed by U.S. markets. Development for more features and optimization

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