4NEW The World’s First Ever Coin That Embodies Electricity

4NEW When in the late 1970 ‘s, the Manager of waste and environmental health experts began working to transform trash into a kind of material that can be used, the spectator and the observer concluded in their mind that shortsighted that sects that do the adventure does not have a clear vision and purpose.
conversion of waste over time, postulasi some researchers development-minded has morphed toward modern science and a blessing to mankind. The problem is however dependent on the same two problems. One of them is overpopulation and excessive water surplus until now the issues faced by scientists and environmental scientists.
It is inherent in the fact that the problem of waste management and the overall impact it has on society is a global phenomenon and the attention of every State Government regardless of creed, belief or philosophy. The world is working every day to overcome each issue even if the goal is still not being met from empirical evaluation. Because of the increase in world population report high touch main stream media, energy supply continues to fall each day and with the recent urbanization in Africa and Asia in recent times, there is no doubt that the need for the efficient and effective management is hard at the moment. point in time. My desire to live in a world that gives hope for the overcrowded population and creating a good way to address environmental problems and increasing energy makes me discover the magic of the 21st century in 4new a waste decentralized-to-energy platforms.
4NEW Limited was created to address waste management challenges that constantly in an effort to turn it into energy that can be used for human consumption. 4NEW Limited is the utility waste processing plant waste to energy of the world’s first public. 4NEW would modernize the industry waste and Energy by offering services as wholesale dealers in the sector fully integrated utility to open source, decentralized public exchanges that allow consumers and industry peers alike trade Coins in payment for their 4NEW ecosystem 4NEW. This platform solves two major problems of waste management and energy supply through decentralized ecosystem built on trust and public communities shoulder which became the goal of this project. The platform is the concept of giving back to the community! 4NEW model to explain more precisely, the illustration below gives insight.
This platform is built on Blockchain technology with a view to reorganize the industrial waste and energy for the benefit of both ecosystem participants blockchain and non-members to give everyone a sense of humanity and to each person. To get the full details about the model adopted by 4NEW Limited
4NEW solution will help bridge the gaps to block network by establishing the location of the plant in the future near the city centre where the data server is located, thus reducing the burden on the national power grid.
This platform is built on four pillars. 4NEW Coin Limited-provides  “Coin as a Service ” to colleagues of the industry, consumers and early adopters. The platform integrates the decentralized openchart, facilitating the exchange of transactions between Business-to-Business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C) and Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) associated with waste and energy markets.
4NEW Limited-waste to energy operating company. 4NEW Smart Meters Limited-company operations and hire Smart meters. 4NEW Assets Limited – the parent company of real estate assets including fixed assets. To find more about the four-step model platform, the Token used in the platform for transacting, make payments and manage electricity use by households, industries and individuals are coins 4NEW. Each plant has a capacity of minimum annual 4NEW approximately 40,000 tons per year of waste treatment.
Every ton of produce about $110.00 in the use of coins for the garbage collection service. In addition, 40,000 tons of processing waste per year will be converted into about 104,000 MW/year of energy that can be sold at a price of approximately $0.13 per KW for the utilization of the coins. Good energy waste and requires about $13,500,000.00 for the use of coins per year per plant. To meet the objectives of the company platform, ICO came out to offer so that participants can play an active role in the inherent benefits of the platform.
lustrasi above shows the road map platform. 300,000 token has been created for the total inventory. One hundred million coins (100 million) allotted to each factory. If only one factory that released then the remaining two hundred million coins (200 million) will be placed in the Treasury of the company until such time as the management team ready to acquire additional properties to build additional plants
ICO exist in four categories
October 17 to October 23, 2017-1 ETH = 264 FRNC (55% BONUS COINS) October 24 until October 31, 2017-1 ET = 242 FRNC (40% COINS BONUS) 1 November to 14 November, 2017-1 ETH = 220 FRNC (30% BONUS COINS)
15 November to 15 December 2017-1 ETH = 170 FRNC
To get more about deals coins 4NEW, I just got mine! Let’s help people to better conversions and providing waste-energy-energy! 4NEW is a community-based platforms, as well as in social media. 

Website: https://4new.io
Whitepaper: https://4new.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/4NEW-WhitePaper.pdf
Facebook: https://fb.me/4newcoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/4newcoin
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/EgIZbBDLYGHlhtbSS58i-Q

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