Asset allocationor AAT is an asset management platform that offers you a smart and easy way to manage all your ICO and cryptocurrencies/portfolio investments under a single platform using all the necessary tools and Professional knowledge.

Asset allocation current is a platform that is global and decentralized and is used to manage accumulative points and loyalty programs. Having analyzed a large number of loyalty programs of different points, the developer did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to the user, as well as to the fact that loyalty programs are not implemented successfully and responsibility to the company increases.

Let’s see how the project is of value to such a system and how this project differs from the platform of the project blocks, similar to the integration of points. All users current asset allocation can I exchange the points or miles they received from the Affiliate program, the current asset allocation tokens, or vice versa, exchange your tokens for points in the Affiliate program. The user can use the current asset allocation to purchase items in the Affiliate program. Affiliate programs will get more opportunities provided by marketing, promotion, and shopping.

Current asset allocation is a platform that uses blocks to address direct damage to the user and a loyalty program that is implemented by poor and elevated obligations to the company as a result of the use Too many loyalty programs. The current asset allocation integrates the points into the current asset allocation sale of tokens (AAT)and provides the user with a loyalty program. For the most inexpensive with maximum safety. Aside from the reliability and low transaction costs, the current asset allocation uses blockchain technology to eliminate the intermediary by providing users and partners with a result that makes more sense.

Points and miles are mainly used in our economic activities. According to the survey, two-thirds of the average American population uses a scoring system from 29 different companies. For example, when flying on a business trip, use a credit card or online stores points collected at any time. Usually, these items receive a certain percentage of the purchase amount when we buy goods and services. For the customer, points reduce the price of the goods, allowing the use of points in the future as cash for the purchase of goods and services. For business, they can expect to increase customer loyalty and encourage customers to focus on their services.

User Asset allocation current can easily integrate and manage the attention current of asset allocation and point. Their every company around the world in the purse current distribution of assets users can also easily exchange their points for tokens of the current distribution of assets or mark the current distribution of assets for partner points. In addition, in the purse, the current distribution of assets includes an advertising channel, which provides advertising partners or coupons for users or partners in real time. This allows the partnership current asset allocation to attract more customers and promote more loyalty programs. In addition, the store current asset allocation users can purchase goods or services in partnership.

Every company we meet runs a loyalty program using points. The market for these products is worth more than a billion and grows by 6% per year. However, this means that there are many types of different accounts, because there are many cases around the world. In despair, the client is difficult to manage and use their glasses. Even for business, unused points result in loyalty programs being lower than expected and negatively affecting their debt. Current asset allocation is a lock-based decentralization solution that solves the problem of loyalty program at the moment using points. Key features of current asset allocation including current asset allocation on the purse, exchange, current asset allocation promotion feed, and store. Current Asset allocation

Project current asset allocation is a block decentralization solution that solves the problem of a loyalty program that uses points. Key features current asset allocation purse current asset allocation purse, exchange, current asset distribution promotion feed, and shop. Current Asset allocation

Token current asset allocation is designed as a token compatible with ERC20 on the Ethereum platform and uses lock technology. Target audience current asset allocation-airline, travel agency, the market leader, as well as online stores around the world. With such advantages, current asset allocation based on advanced, safe and effective locking technology, will have a billion dollars in the global market.

What problems does the project solve?
The following are the problems identified: Increase of Company’s liabilities: unused points are counted as obligations. Due to the fact that client points are becoming less and less demand, the company’s obligations become more and more significant and have a negative impact on their financial assessments. Low-Performance Loyalty Program: This is due to the low use of points, the company cannot achieve the performance of the loyalty program as expected. Low performance, how to put social costs to customer and business.

The complexity of checkpoints: on average, 29 programs are registered, different, so it is difficult to control the points and causes the points to expire. Profit will be provided by this platform. Both users and enterprises can use the platform Chair. Users can redeem their points for the sale of tokens (AAT) or use their points at the store point. Users get access to promotion through advertising channels to access advertising from interested companies. Current Asset allocation sale tokens (AAT) or use your points at the store point. Users get access to promotion through advertising channels to access advertising from interested companies.

AAT Current asset allocation purse allows you to manage and integrate multiple partners at the same time. The company has access to more customers, which allows them to quickly sell their products on the index. Models share current asset allocation to help companies effectively reduce their obligations. Partners can increase loyalty to potential customers by using tape and storage assignments. Current Asset allocation

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