ACA Network – Blockchain Technology to Build a Highly Transparent Advertising

ACA Networkis a new generation platform designed to raise the market of online advertising to a new level. The main purpose of the platform’s creators is to organize a reliable, transparent and understandable system for carrying out transactions. Such a system will be advantageous for each party, both for The Advertiser and for the media.

The company already has a rich experience in this industry, it has been working since 2010, and during this time the number of advertising impressions for one month reaches 500 000 000. The work is carried out within the mobile application. In the near future, the company intends to bring to the higher level the advertising market in Japan, which occupies the third place in the world. After that, the platform has every chance to change the online advertising industry around the world.

High transparency of the processes in ACA Network has achieved thanks to the use of blockchain technologies. Earlier, when the market of online advertising fully belonged to the agencies, a significant part of the information was not mentioned in the advertisements and it could not be considered credible to the full extent.

The main principles on which the work of ACA Network is based:
– Maximum advertising revenue;
-Optimization of advertising campaigns to the highest degree;
– The maximum level of transparency of advertising.

The market for online advertising is one of the most expensive and actively developing at the moment. Thus, its volume is more than 280 million dollars, and in the near future, every year is expected to grow at least by 20%. Therefore, the projects connected with advertising, promise rapid development and profit to the participants. However, working with advertising agencies can result in the loss of large funds for companies, and the advertising itself will not bring the expected results.

ACA Networkhas a unique structure that will raise the market for online advertising to a new level. It includes:
-ACA advertising management system;
-ACA-EX automatic comparison system;
– and direct advertising network.

The company releases its own currency – the ACA tokens. They can be used to pay for the use of the platform, buy and store them in their wallet, and provide them to companies that want to use ACA tokens. The cost of one token is 0.00005 ETH. The sale began on April 15, 2018, and ends on September 30th of the same then. The total number of the issue is 1,000,000,000 ACA.

The token allocation plan is already ready, and it looks like this:

– 50% is sent for sale;
– 28% will be credited to the project team;
– 12% is sent to the Reserve Fund;
– 5% in favor of advisers;
-5% goes to the bounty.

The proceeds from the sale of tokens will be applied in the following way:
-50%-for further development and development;
-30%-on marketing;
-10%-on management;
-5%-on administrative costs;

ACA Network is a unique online advertising market where you no longer need reseller services. Direct transactions can now be carried out as quickly as possible, and advertising costs will be reduced to a minimum, but with a huge benefit.

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