ACCESS NETWORK An Upgradable Network Leveraging Voting to Decentralize Development of Financial Tools

ACCESS NETWORKtokens that have a nice project create a future with carrying the Decentralizing Financial Inclusion. Now it’s the world of the digital world evolves quite rapidly, many good platforms to conduct trade in the world of crypto. but not least also the difficulties people in terms of their financial and technological access to remedy this situation. Many communities have pioneered crypto solution blockchain but there are still many shortcomings. From there the SOE’s Access Network (ACX Network) as a means to harmonize it all and resolve each problem.

Well, what is it immediately Access Network (ACX Token)?
ACX Network is a standalone token that empowers participants to determine financial access for themselves. Participants are given the right to create long-term value one another with democratically control the distribution Network support group. This interaction is made possible by a series of smart contracts module that converts and distributes funds to the entire ecosystem of network as desired. The ecosystem consists of five core layers:

ACX Token Utility
Leader Protol
Group Incentives
Module Choice Off-Service chain
ACX’s own Network built by teams with Atlas backdrop Money, P2P banking platform without a branch that has successfully pioneered the digitalization of financial services from door to door in Ghana and Senegal.

Generally the problem that we face in today’s digital world is financially, the lack of local Exchange make individual terhalanganya in a ‘ buy ‘ to crypto network.
In technology, lack of smartphones and internet access blocking the individual from the use of crypto jarigan practically and ‘ work ‘ in the economy of crypto.
For that is the Access Network (ACX Token) to provide the solution to the problem and the problem. Armed with a great team and experienced in their field as well as with the use of a network of technology Atlas on offer by Acx blockchain-tech network to help them in any transactions made.

Bagaiaman How Does It Work?
The purpose of the Network is giving the Acx economic freedom and speed up financial inclusion to those who need it most and give what the previous did not get justice in their financial freedom, evolution that connecting communities so that they can mutually create and thrive together.

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