ACCESS NETWOTK Financial Future by Directing Incentives Towards the Developments

Access Network  An estimated 2 billion adults worldwide have no access to formal financial services provided by financial institutions are regulated. For example, in sub-Saharan Africa, only 24% of adults have a bank account, even though the formal financial sector, Africa has been growing in recent years. It is said that financial services can be seen in a positive and meaningful external conditions in which more people and businesses participate.
The availability of financial services that meet the specific requirements of the user without discrimination is the main goal for financial inclusion. However, it is advisable to maintain a skeptical approach when assessing the effectiveness of the initiative of the financial input. Pay attention to microfinance initiatives, for example, shows that the availability of credit to micro-entrepreneurs can generate informal mediation, a form of unwanted businesses.
What is access?
Access Network empowering underserved for control of their own financial future with a direct incentive to the development that they want to use. ACX is the network of economic decline independently which allows participants to make financial access for themselves. Participants are given the incentive to create long term value for each other by controlling the distribution of the outdoor incentives in a democratic network. This interaction is enabled by smart modular contract suite to change and distribute the funds based on ecosystem 
The Principle Founder Of ACX Network?
 Financial access is a fundamental human right.
That it should continue to be developed through the ecosystem that is truly useful.
The decision about the evolution of the ecosystem must be equally accessible to all citizens of the world.
Previously excluded will be more empowered to define and shape the evolution of it.
5Manusia is a global family must unite embodies the most daring and ambition of creating a world that belongs to and benefit all of us.
Atlas Money banking is the platform without a P2P branch allows anyone to become their own micro community bank. The incoming money Online agents door to door every day to Atlas Money Users accumulate a deposit, withdrawal and removing the micro offer money. Adaro money currently exist in Ghana and Senegal. with more than 300Agents and 17,000 subscribers, mostly using it for daily deposits. Atlas Money has published more than 3,000 microloans so far and because his model was the savings and relationships that led, has a default rate of close to 0%.
Atlas Money utilizing mobile banking platforms and property without limits, which can be programmed to token Cryptococcus to launch a network of ACX, a token economy that gives proper incentives to participants in the development and the development of world to create a value of one for the other. In this way, it aims to allow emerging markets to develop advanced economies while avoiding the centralized and centralizing systems.
How ACX Network Work?
Acx Network will realize the dependence between the community into a large family of cripto, by providing the same service to a goal of economic freedom, the development of technology and the ability to access a related, so created the new economic power as a solution to overcome the financial difficulties of the economy between their members.

Allocation Of ACX
6 billion ACX, to represent the 6 billion people without adequate financial access, will be made, and distributed from time to time to various participants. The most extensive distribution reach is essential for the fulfillment of the purpose of Network access see communal composition of the fair was very important to his success.
Token Symbols: ACX
Token Suply: 6 billion ACX
Type: ERC20
27% Event Token Generation: 1.62 billion ACX
27% Access Underterved Exchange: 1.62 billion ACX
27% Outdoor Incentives: 1.62 billion ACX
12% of the founder: 720 million ACX
4% 240 million Advisor: ACX
Community gifts 3%: 180 million ACX

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