Adab – The first Exchange Compliant With the Norms of Islam

Adab Hello, dear readers, guests, and friends! Among us, there are people who invest in cryptocurrency, create an additional source of income, increase the capital several times and do not know that some simply can not do the same thing only because of their faiths!
I am from the Republic of Bashkortostan and we have such a religious direction as Islam, and around the world, the number of population, following its rules is about 2 billion. Most of them are far from the world of cryptocurrency, not all understand and have information about what they are and what benefits they can bring.
And to bring them closer it is necessary to write or create such an organization, which will regulate the rules, to explain the direction of digital money activities so that they in no case violate Sharia law. This idea will increase the flow of not only financial investments but will give confidence to the Muslim people that they do not commit sinful actions.
The Adab solutions company, which is registered in the United Arab Emirates, decided to solve this issue.
She has already created the MVP of the first Islamic Kriptovaljutnoj exchange, which can be tested by this link, its services will be strictly consistent and do not violate any laws written in the Holy Book of the Koran.
The teachings of the Quran are a religious text that must be respected by all people who have a Muslim religion. FICE will have its National Advisory Council and select only those cryptocurrency that complies with sharia law, that is, have no immoral direction, are not related to gambling, sports betting.
Muslims strictly follow and honor their Adab cultural values and norms, and thanks to the idea of the project Adab Solutions, the confidence of their actions regarding digital money will be solved and contribute to the growth of users. The team consists of famous and authoritative people of the Muslim world.
After 13 days, the team to implement and popularize its platform organizes pre-sale tokens, the funds collected also plans to create a charitable organization Adab CHARITY.
In my opinion, FICE will help not only the Islamic world to get closer to the kriptovaljutnym world, but also become an excellent platform for starting halal projects and reduce the appearance of NEKACHESTVEVENNYH digital assets. An annual audit by independent professionals will promote adherence to all Islamic norms.
Adab FICE will make a new system of values in the field of finance and help a quarter of the population of the Earth competently, confidently, and most importantly, observing their religious manners to begin to enjoy the benefits of digital money, avoid unwanted and fraudulent startups. The predicted team increased the income of this exchange by a figure of 12 000% by the end of 2022, which is quite probable.
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