Adab – The World`s First Islamic Crypto Exchange Powered by The Blockchain Technology

Adab  – The Muslim world contains a rich culture and a great spiritual resource. For many, the word spirituality means nothing, but if you think about it, it is a powerful factor of trust between people and the community. For Muslims religion is above all. All their actions, words, and thoughts should be in accordance with the spiritual Book of the Koran, the rules of interpretation of which defines sharia. It is important for Muslims to know sharia rules in order to be more confident in their lives and make important decisions more courageously. Blockchain and everything related to this technology is very new to Muslims. The Shariah does not yet spell out the rules of dealing with cryptocurrencies and tokens.

This is the cause of the barrier between the world of true Muslims and the crypto world. They cannot operate cryptocurrencies with a clear conscience, invest in ICO and use services based on them. Many do not understand this, but this is a real problem for Muslims. The Adab project well understands and sees this problem and creates a resource for Muslims, according to sharia law. Consider the closer ICO of this project.

The number of Muslims in the world is 1.8. It is almost a quarter of the world’s population. The peculiarity of this people is their devotion to the common spiritual values of the Koran. No action of a word or thought should be alien. Therefore, before using any new technology, it is necessary to know the Shariah’s opinion.

When the blockchain technology emerged, it became a phenomenon that was not considered correct without the permission of the Koran. The Shariah does not apply to the crypt of the currency, so the Muslim believers cannot afford to use them. No one knows whether this is a sin or not. The creation of the Shariah Council, which would define the rules for the treatment of cryptocurrencies today is very relevant.

Adab Solutions is a platform linking Muslims and the world of cryptocurrencies. This is done by connecting the technologies of blockchain and Muslim clergy. To date, a test version of the Adab Exchange has been developed. It works and it is already possible to trade.
To solve the problem of conformity the Koran is created the Council of Sharia, which will oversee the issues related to the conversion of cryptocurrencies. It will include the most authoritative representatives of the world of Muslims.

The religion of Islam has been tested for many centuries. The representatives of this world are characterized by such traits as nobility and purity. These values are at the heart of the Adab system. It is a factor of trust, which is so lacking in the modern world. Especially when it comes to finances.
In addition to the exchange, Adab will also include other decisions that comply with Sharia law. In particular, the accelerator for halal projects. Adab is not only open to Muslims. The Adab system is open to all. Adab Solutions allows everyone to feel the effect of Islamic spiritual values where through the centuries today.

In the project Adab is people who are very close to the Muslim world, understand it well and have a lot of connections in the Arab world. The team includes respected people who are in the top 100 of the most influential people in the Muslim world. As well as world-class professionals in programming, blockchain technology and finance.

Token name: Adab
Smartkontrakt: Ethereum ERC-20
ICO launch: August 15, 2018
ICO End: November 15, 2018
Soft Cap: $2, 5m
Hard Cap: $18, 7M
Token Price: $0.1
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC
Minimum investment: $100

Adab Why it is worth paying attention to Adab solutions, firstly, the acuteness of the problem, it is really relevant for Muslims. Secondly, Muslims are a spiritual people, which is a factor of trust. Therefore, the platform is likely to be popular not only among Muslims. Third, the team includes authoritative Muslims who have more connections in the Arab world. In the fourth, these are high project ratings on various ICO listings. ICO will start in 5 days.

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