AFRICUNIA Intends to Revolutionize Aspects of Tokenized Investments

AFRICUNIA It is no secret that the modern banking system has a lot of problems. For its successful development, constant innovations are applied, innovations become the key factor of stability, growth, competitiveness. Needs of clients grow and it is necessary to be able to satisfy them not partially, but completely. Using modern technologies, solutions for the improvement of the banking system are offered by many companies. One of them is Africunia LIMITED, which shares its vision of solving existing problems. Let’s take a closer look at it.
Recently, information and technology systems are used primarily to automate the collection and processing of banking information, less often for planning and control in banks and are seen as a means of reducing manual labor and reducing Bank costs. Today information technologies have become the driving force of radical structural changes in the banking business. They overcame space and time, each time opening their way to the bank in remote geographical markets.
At the same time, the traditional competitive advantage of the bank-long-term and multifaceted contacts with the developed dial and branch networks-partially lost its importance. There is a new level of customers who want to use internet banking services. The nature of banking communication with this client is very different from the traditional one. Modern multimedia tools provide interactive virtual banking communications with customers who are gradually replacing personal contact with them. The online technology, which provides market transparency, allows customers to choose the most advantageous service for them without much effort and time, which reduces the chances of banks to maneuver prices. But many people around the world do not have access to bank services, credit cards and debit cards and other issues (systemic risk, data privacy, financial exclusion and slow competition). Sometimes it is necessary.
 What is Africunia
 Purpose of the project
 Basic functions
 Advantages
 Problems and Solutions
 ICO Details
 Conclusion
What is Africunia?
Africunia is an innovative banking model, thanks to which we can use cryptocurrency without any risks and restrictions. With the help of blockchain technology, the team plans to implement a secure decentralized platform for cryptocurrency storage, exchange, and investment. Africunia talks about a new vision of such platforms, which will help to bridge the gap between Fiatnoj and cryptocurrency.

Purpose of the project
The main goal of the project is to create a platform that will unite Fiatnuju and cryptocurrency in one place, reduce the gap between them and take from each of them only the best qualities. For example, cryptocurrency investors will gain new access to assets without losing comfort in their use. Fiat investors will be provided with higher net profit through the cost-effective structure of accredited funds. The platform intends to become the standard of this industry.
Basic functions of Africunia
The platform has quite standard functionality, but with some improvements. Africunia provides instant international payments with low transaction fees. At the same time, it offers banks to accept the used Blockchain technology similar to the SWIFT BIC. Also, the functionality includes the provision of financial assistance. The platform tries to ensure the safety of users according to all modern standards.

Most token resources are either completely directed to the crypt or are tied to only some trading assets. The platform offers to take all the best from fiatn and cryptocurrency, that will give an opportunity to feel all the charms of this tandem: decentralization, transparency, and interchangeability. Africunia guarantees that all transactions and accredited funds will be tested by a specialist to ensure their compliance with existing laws and increase investor confidence. Using the Protocol KYC/
AML Africunia will be able to verify users before they can access their Afcash accounts. To confirm the identity and ensure the safety of the participants. The team is working on creating a standardized platform, with different categories of users who will have access to various functions. Simple and clear interface for each market participant.

Problems and Solutions
Although blockchain provides fast and inexpensive transactions, it is not centrally controlled, but still has some drawbacks. For example, the system must recognize a valid and fraudulent transaction. Usually, the work is carried out by institutions and cryptographic signatures. But in decentralized systems, the trust level is reduced because each user remains anonymous. Many existing platforms require quite a bit of time to process transactions or high commissions that in our time is no longer relevant. To solve these problems Africunia uses the Protocol CONSENSUS ALGORITHM (APCA), which will provide a solution to all major problems.
ICO Details
Token: Afcash
Total number of tokens: 500 million
Cost: 1 Afcash = $0.10 USD
ICO: 01.01.2018 – 31.05.2018
Afcash is an africunia coin that should create an ecosystem that curtailed the gap between Fiatnoj and cryptocurrency. The Afcash platform combines all aspects of transactions that will be processed using fiat currencies and provide crypto services in one place. The platform will be constantly evolving and complemented by new features.
Africunia offers a platform with its solution of actual problems. It can become a financial institution, which will be available 24/7. The only difference from the classical financial institutions is the absence of physical branches. Africunia combines services for FIATNOJ and cryptocurrency in one place, making transactions simple, convenient and reliable. On the project site you can read more about the roadmap, get acquainted with the team or ask questions.

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