Africunia – Technology Security is Concerned Our Network Architecture is Decentralized

AFRICUNIA – BANK of AFRICA where Innovative Banking Technology was created to establish Digital currencies and financial investment. We are talented, passionate individuals and hard workers from across the continent, combining efforts to manage to code, creating and building relationships in the financial arena. The leadership we have a solid foundation in financial technology, cryptocurrencies, venture capital, entrepreneurship, product development, asset management and the rule of law.

After building the network system with Blockchain Technology, we aim to create technology and wave social revolution that will open up the healthcare, insurance, and Government departments.

As a third generation Digital Bank we will use the internet to find out the wave of digital currency. So we applied the methodology of our stupid, standard of proof we will align the technology with the aim of responsible innovation. Just like other conventional banks, we will not establish a branch or front office. We will be accessible to people from all walks of life throughout the day and night.

The Role Of The BANK Of AFRICA
Our Bank offers the most token (AFCASH) in the form of investment-oriented crypto entirely or pegged to a currency for transactions in gold and currencies. Interested parties on decentralization, transparency, and exchanges can take advantage of our platform.

Investor confidence will be boosted once the funds are approved by the legal power of the token. Risk factors will be transformed into an opportunity to retain the investment process.
Through the development of a standardized platform, major investments will be pulled through the Fund’s token. We believe that our Bank will continue to introduce the industry standard for the purpose of establishing investment forum the token.
5. Openness and accountability will be elaborated through token interests of the funds and for the results.

Investment managers will get approval to use the platform of the AFRICUNIA BANKS to allow them to build and run a token investment fund. This is possible without payload and through the development of it infrastructure.

AFRICA is planning to scale to offer traditional banking products and develop in the era of Blockchain-based technology, which would eventually become a one-stop shop for all your banking requirements.
We are currently in the process of applying the AFCASH-based Consensus Algorithm in crypto Protocol Africa (APCA) to address the problem of partial consensus, and utilities that are partially solved. Our main goal is to develop a new standard for the wooded investment will act as a catalyst for bridging the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

We offer a vision for the new standard tokenized investment vehicles that will help bridge the gap between conventional universe and crypto. In particular, the AFCASH platform will be a one-stop shop solution for asset managers who want to create and manage the funds accordingly.
Essentially, the BANK will apply the AFRICUNIA technology Blockchain excellence everywhere in the world of traditional investments. If in doubt use the technology Blockchain for investment classic, our AFCASH is your solution. It combines all aspects of investment vehicles are tokenized ranging from technology to infrastructure and legal compliance to create “cryptocurrency ” responsible.

You imagine a bank that offers financial services and the best investment available to everyone without limitation, where you can store and manage the assets of the crypto You safely, and where you can conduct a transaction and Exchange safely and quickly. Is here now-markets banks and finance You-Africa.
To remain within the confines of conventional banking, we will use the API (Authorized Payment Agent) for use
the standard of service and innovation.

Basic AFRICUNIA BANK is the increase in invested capital appropriate development of the customers who ultimately can maximize profits. In addition, as far as concerns the security of our technology, our decentralized network architecture. Therefore, data storage, encryption, and cryptographic security mechanisms for identification, authentication and authorization of individuals or companies related by the instrument. However, data processing is done automatically by using the AI algorithm is applied. On this page, there are a few of our technology.

Such a global blockchain development intends to bring a powerful impetus to the economy. The Africunia project carries a new level that will establish loyalty once and for all between fiat money and cryptocurrency. This new infrastructure will comply with all aspects of legislation and corporate structuring.

The platform intends to improve many aspects of our habitual investments, namely to provide instant and inexpensive international payments and allow banks to interact with blockchain technologies, as the Swift Bic transfer system has been created in full swing.

Other aspects of improvement:
1) Financial institutions will be assisted in the transfer of funds to international banks in real time and in various multi-layered networks
2) All technologies will be provided with the relevant regulatory requirements, including safety.
3) A certain digital pass will be entered, which in turn will be automated
4) We are waiting for the development of a unique cryptographic POS system (Point of Sale)
5) Creation of effective and seamless browser mining of internal coin.

Advantages and features of Africunia BANK are as follows:
1) The bank intends to provide access to the Internet through global e-commerce
2) presence of secure offline and online purses, which are provided with a high level of security and are equipped with a safe for storage of assets.
3) Africunia Bank combines the banking sphere and the money transfer system.

The main mission of the developers of this concept is to unite the two financial worlds into one single prudent system. We “Investors of Malibu ” believe that this is a worthy step in popularizing cryptocurrency and thus will provoke the confidence of the population to it.

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