AgentMile – Commercial Real Estate Vs Residential as an investment choice

AgentMileThe website has conditions that you can see that explain tokens and how you can buy them. The document on the website is ideal for those who can use them when buying tokens. This gives you a deep understanding that gives you a complete disclosure of the token information.
How does the Agentmile leasing platform work?
Anyone can buy tokens, but they’re risky. They make the website very clear that everyone who buys tokens must first take all the risks involved in investing in such an unstable industry. They have the full right to refuse protection against any possible negative consequences that may occur.
The documents also describe in detail those who are not really a citizen of the United States, because there may be problems that may cause some very serious problems for the company and anyone who invests in principle, If you are not a citizen of the country or do not hold a green card, then you have nothing to do, even trying to invest in Agentmile because, according to the website, it is a legitimate company that monitors all the necessary standards or procedures, Rules and regulations.
These tokens are only available to citizens outside the United States. It’s not 100% for sure, but very likely. There is a very high probability that these tokens will never be ready for the public in the United States.
The reason why the token is likely to be unavailable in the United States is due to securities and exchange commissions, as well as to many other government regulators that do not insulate tokens.
The reason they are not accepted is due to the bad levels associated with the tokens. Indeed, tokens are not very secure according to the website, and the amount of emphasis they put on the awareness of risks also makes me think that it is a very dangerous company that invests in general.

Agentmile ESTATE Token ICO.
AgentMile As for the token amount, there are currently 100,000,000 token shares in circulation. At the total token price of 0.20 USD per token. The pre-Sales ICO bonus is about 50% and the hard cap for the platform is about 20 million. You can easily see all the fully disclosed information on the company’s website at
Who is behind Agentmile?
According to the Web site, the team behind the symbolism and the company is located in Estonia and Hong Kong. They currently serve more than 20 countries on five continents. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology they move at a speed much faster than they predicted.

Agentmile output
In appearance, the company, for the most part, looks incredibly good together. Of course, before you go and invest in them a large amount of money is best to pay attention to how things fall into place over the next two months.

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