AgentMile – The World’s First Decentralized Commercial Real Estate Leasing Platform

AgentMile – The world’s first decentralized leasing platform for the commercial real estate. We allow brokers and landowners to register their commercial properties on the powerful MLS Blockchain and offer advanced rental, management, and reporting capabilities. This allows us to see unique information about the needs of various business models in the field of real estate and back scenes. Our clients include the Global Real Estate franchise network, such as Coldwell Banker and Century 21, as well as small independent brokers.

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Although the commercial real estate is the largest global asset class, the CRE industry is one of the slowest in innovation in core business processes. The first leasing of CRE will turn the industry into 3385 trillion US dollars, presenting the INI1 platform of decentralization supported by artificial intelligence (AI). We have identified strong software features supported by technology as the most effective solution for expanding opportunities for emerging industries and real estate transactions.

Today’s digital world captures commercial real estate assets that seek to provide greater transparency in dynamics, efficiency, etc., to create one of the largest integrated asset classes in positive technologies. Most people who know about technology are closely related to each other, and so this sense often has other obscure other aspects. However, we believe that CRE on this problem, but also important for the basic technology, which is not only itself-. Sifat has the ability to promote such unique security, data validation, and clutter CRE because of the top of the list of real estate technologies to be sought in the coming years.

About the company
The AgentMile is on the way to revolutionary changes in the real estate sector. Our goal is to become the world’s first decentralized leasing platform for commercial real estate supported by AI. Agent Grow is a real estate website developer who helps agents and brokers create attractive and attractive sites and landing pages. With the help of both products, agents can finally effectively and efficiently create important sales and marketing activities under an umbrella.

Token delivery
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Advantages of Commercial Real Estate
 High income and rental housing
 Lease contracts are usually medium or long-term (from 3 to 10 years)
 The cost of real estate CR grows over time and has an excellent ability to admire
 Tenants often take a contractual obligation at many costs, such as insurance
 The relationship between tenants and owners is professional and governed by the agreement
Residential Real Estate Challenges
 Lack of stable cash flows and risk of equity participation often exceeds 100%
 A lease contract is short-lived (from 6 to 12 months)
 Completely market-dependent property value is determined by the market, not its intrinsic value
 Maintenance costs may consume all available income, if not more than
 Application of the rental agreement is difficult. The choice of qualities is limited by terrain

Basic information
Token name Agent Mile Estate IDs
Ticker Name Property
Token amount 100,000,000 eastern tokens
Token value 1 token = $ 0.20 US dollar
50% pre-sale bonus
Rigid caps $ 20,000,000

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