Aimedis – Decentralized & Incentivised Medical Social Networking

Aimedis There is a lot of countries in the world. All States are unevenly developed. There are highly developed rich countries with a high level of health care, expensive and high-quality medicine and states with a low level of economic development in which medical services are not developed and are not accessible to the majority of the population. The level of health in these countries is very low, early diagnosis is absent, and often it is not. Due to untimely diagnosis, underdeveloped economic states are often the sources of pandemics and epidemics, and their lifespan is very low.
Aimedis is a health-care platform whose goal is to make health services available not only to people in rich countries with highly developed medicine but also to people from developing countries from all over the world.
The platform will use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It is intended for the storage of medical information, maps, analyses, pictures and other data. The purpose of the platform is to unite patients, clinics, doctors, pharmaceutical companies in one place. You can download any confidential medical information about your health to the platform. This information will be in the closed access. Only people to whom the user will be able to access it can see it. For example, the patient will provide documents for consultation with the doctor.
The Aimedis platform started in the 3rd quarter of 2017 and currently works in cooperation with more than 20 hospitals in three countries of the world. Since its launch, Aimedis has served more than 10 000 patients. This shows how much health care is in demand in the world and how fast the platform is developing.
The operation of the Aimedis platform is provided by two block chains, private and public, thus allowing to store both closed personal information of the user and information that is publicly available. Both chains are interconnected.
The Aimedis platform provides not only a network from patient to doctor but also a special network for patients to communicate with each other, developing a community of patients. This network also stimulates the contributions in the form of Aim tokens and helps to increase the demand of AIM tokens, as all calculations in the network occur in AIM tokens. On the platform, patients can control their data and even sell them by earning AIM tokens.
Aimedis is headed by a team of world-class doctors and professionals in the medical industry.
In addition to storing and disposing of information, the platform provides video chats to consult doctors with patients, chat rooms for communication between patients, create different groups of patients so that sick people can communicate with each other and Support each other. The open version of the platform will be available online recipes, online receptions, training sessions for patients, as well as special classes for people who care for patients.
Fitness trackers and various control tools such as ECG or blood pressure monitors will also be used for more accurate online diagnosis and correct and timely diagnosis.
Aimedis works with clinics in Europe and Asia and participates in research to save lives.
AIM tokens are used to pay for the platform’s online consultancy and other services.
AIM tokens will be paid to volunteers who take part in projects of pharmaceutical companies and in scientific research.
The Aimedis platform was launched in a closed mode in Q3 2017. At the moment the platform has received the Certificate of Safety ISO 21007 and is tested on suitability to work by doctors and medical institutions. In the 4th quarter of 2017, German medical institutions joined the platform.
The platform has an easy and clear interface that allows you to work with it even inexperienced users without special knowledge.
Pre-Sale has already started. The price of AIM tokens is $0.12.
In the 3rd quarter of 2018 the Asian program of cooperation starts, and in the 4th quarter of 2018, the full launch of the open platform is planned.

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