Aion Network – Enabling Federated Blockchain Networks

AION NETWORKthere is a strong interest in the technology blockchain to other companies and use cases in both the public and private sectors. In addition to the new primary attention placed on Ethereum, Bitcoin, ICO and the market more broadly, IBM and other companies have a lot of projects of public and secret blockade; and companies as diverse as Disney and Microsoft have entered his name into the blockchain project of the company. Per July 2017, more than 150 companies in various industries is a member of the Alliance Enterprise Ethereal (EEA). In addition, more than US $400 million have been invested in VC (CBInsight) and US $900 million through the events generate a token since November 2016.

However, the adoption of blockchain technology is widely constrained by questions, privacy, scalability and interoperability that has not been resolved. Innovation blockchain company previously ineffective in addressing these core issues. A large number of resources have been spent on trying to build the perfect blockchain next instead of working to integrate existing systems into a network of blockchain which can be operated.

On the topic of scalability, I want to set aside to discuss the problem of scalability in more detail. The bottom line, to make something faster or more efficient in blockchain, the user will need to reduce the aspect of decentralization-users can’t have it all. The whole purpose of blockchain technology that was initially based on a Bitcoin makes it inefficient-which increases the trust and kepenggunalan system. Ever wonder why the user transaction requires up to 60 or more confirmation on several sites/services? That’s the level of “inefficiency” that makes cheating the system very difficult.

Know your AION
AION is another solution to the problem of interconnection faced by current blockers in collecting real-world usage and transmission of information. The basic principle is simple-blockchains like the Ethereum has created the basic requirements for Smart Contracts and agreements are totally computerized/digital between the parties without trust. However, the Ethereum is not the end of everything-all the crypto capabilities or blockchain. There are many features of blockchains privacy systems, such as Z-Cash, which would be more relevant to individual users depending on the context of their needs.

blockchains such as Wireshark can freely send data from within their contract out of their chains and to another network as a whole-with the AION serves as an intermediary between the two barriers, the speed of such a system will be much faster than traditional solutions. as well as being completely scalable to the world at large. Considering the average average value Ethereum tx/sec betrayed the fact that it is not in accordance with the objectives.

While development like sharding, Metropolis, and Plasma goes well, this does not mean that each blockchain will have the ability like that. The need for the barrier chain of barrier will become apparent as on the Internet at the end of the 90s-API system and an easy to use Bridge will be at the forefront of new infrastructure in the future.

The concept of AION
AION is their vision of the future that are linked together and where public infrastructure corporate infrastructure can combined seamlessly and can not be distinguished by end users, while maintaining absolute privacy and security requirements. This basic technology will allow us to redesign industrial and community, while strengthening the role of value-added contributor and challenging the role of the intermediary is outdated. Time for this transition right now.

With its roots in Toronto, Aion consider themselves very lucky to be able to share their origin with some pioneering blockchain great that we all know and respect. they are constantly inspired by the people around them in this community and they will continue to contribute to them because they all work to shape the future.

Aion can’t do this alone. When they move the Aion vision forward, they asked users to get involved and share the idea of the user. There are many ways for users to support their mission and they would like to hear from our users so that they can make the user part of the team.

Token AION
AION Tokens on offer at the Ethereal as token blockchain ERC-20. So the network Aionoper, token ERC-20 can be changed seamlessly into the network token AION, and will continue to flow freely between the two blockchain.

Token Aion is the fuel used to operate the blockade Aion-1. This is similar to how the Ethereum using ETH as gas for its network. AION token will also be used to create bridges between the blockchains, and also to create new blockchains. Lastly, the token AION used as incentive to preserve the integrity of the network of Aion.

AION token will allow for stalking, which in this case means support the validator. A validator is actively participating in a process of consensus, but requires a large support to do so. In return the validator then divided by their supporters.

Stalking can be a great way to generate passive income, so this is something that should continue to be observed.

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