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Airwallet based is one of the technologies in generating by Ethereum, it is an application wallet based on Ethereum ERC-20, and this one of the cryptocurrency purses makes it easy for all users to store assets in a way that is very simple as well as This wallet app will get a wide range of project airdrop. Ethereum-one of the platforms that can generate tokens based on ERC-20, many crypto experts who claimed that the technology was protected from hacker attacks.

The team conjures with a very clever to make a purse that greatly facilitates the user, change the command Rukan platform Ethereum was once only in the booth to make a token, but now in a very cryptocurrency purse safely. Air Team Wallets also invests in ICO and will take a wide range of airdrop projects. Talking about a purse with an air purse, of course, would not be unique in the purse, after I go to their page with white papers, I found the keys, between which will be used as a way to transfer assets to another purse, in this translation Will be accompanied by security extremely tight so that your assets are not lost.

Free money sounds good, doesn’t it? It is obvious that many people agree and love it. However, unfortunately, it is not as easy as we think. Currently, many of the concerns of the Airdrop industry are slowing the process of getting airdrops, which has led to a large loss of capital for many people

Many projects offer airdrops for exhibitors but have not been able to distribute it fairly to users when the time comes
Takes a lot of time searching and searching
Complex steps and many necessary tasks
Locked and inaccessible for immediate use
Transactional fees for airdrops transfer
For the first time, ICO participants can find the process of investing in a token project too difficult. ICOs requires that people carefully explore the project and learn how to properly transfer funds.
Difficult to understand
Evaluation of projects for fraudsters
Keep an eye on updates
High entry barrier for beginners
There are many existing projects BL Blockchainchain on the market but suffer from low visibility and insufficient use of their platform
Low visibility from token holders
Service is limited to machine markers
Limited community growth
cannot be integrated with other platforms

Airwallet Solutions
Effective Asset Management.
Different assets out there will be Airwallet platform, so users can easily to register and support all existing projects. If you support the entire project and if the project you are supporting has been completed, you will receive a project token! Don’t worry if the token that you guys are not skplbi on the stock exchange, digital assets can be driven by you guys on your own.

How would you guys manage those assets?
Air Wallet will supply the solution of the exchange was made through the fire a wide range of exchanges, Airwallet so you will be able to manage your assets very easily, it is not only! You guys would A new approach to building the community and through the air.
What do you guys think if you guys hear the word airdrop?
Of course, you guys would think if there was, of course, an airdrop to hear the exchange. And yes!! Your thoughts and thoughts about what was once right there on the water is the solution for the purse. Air Wallet said that part of the airdrop, which is inseparable from the currency market or exchange, called cryptocurrency, would be one of the provisions that would cause the currency as a marketing function in the first place.
Visibility of availability Platform & Blockchain
In Air applications There are many purses that will be airdrop, a slogan to emphasize bring Rukan airdrop, that skplbi on the use of this water will be a purse very promising for all users, and the token in the bank will be a transaction in real. In the platform, users can navigate through Rukan without having to leave the Water wallet application, this study will be done only to make the program after such an air purse is connected between the service provider BL Blockchainchain with the custom Rukan platform.

Airwallet  will fully match the ERC-20, allowing users to add a data marker ERC-20 special water bill to your wallet. In addition, all basic cryptocurrency will be supported on the Air WALLET platform. will become a bridge for the token holder to connect to the token, through simplified and secure solutions
AIR WALLET strives to solve current problems in this industry to help in the growth of the market, building authentic communities for token-projects, while creating a convenient platform with the consideration of our users.

Token information
Token delivery: 1 bln. Air
Marker Sales: 25% of total shipments
Softcap: 5 mln. Usd.
IEO Sales Price: 0.06 USD.

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