AirSaveTravel Currently, our company is developing the cryptocurrency and the travel industry in collaboration with STA Travel. Our products are available from the Apple App Store. At first glance, the journey is to see new places and (if you are heading abroad to volunteer), giving a little back at the same time. But under it much more, opening the horizons to experience completely different cultures, kitchens, and landscapes. While the photos are proof that you have walked and seen, this is a transformation that takes place inside, which is often the strongest evidence of why travel is important.

The journey is important
On the surface, the journey can be seen via new places and (if you’re traveling abroad too voluntarily) to give a little back at the same time. But under it so much more, open your horizons to the culture of experiencing the cuisine, and the landscape is completely different. Although the photo is proof that you are going to and see the transformation that occurred in it is often the strongest evidence of why the trip was important.

Some argue that there is an indulgent spending, money can be spent on travel to save on a home loan or “build the future,” but dependent travel would be a strong argument against them arguing. It’s not about “basket list” ticking over and being able to tell all the countries you’ve visited, but the way of the trip affects you as a person, your interactions with other people, and you against the whole world of humanity.

That’s why Airsave wants to showcase a platform that makes your journey easier. AirSaveTravel By using airsave, users can travel anywhere more easily because air save offers a variety of tips for a pleasant trip. In addition, social networking features allow users to connect with other travelers.

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Because since it first appeared, blockchain comes up with the offer of online transactions are fast and secure and support all kinds of data and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology uses a system in which each transaction is recorded and cannot be changed forever, allowing the security and transparency of stores to be maintained and the possibility of fraud to reduce data. The blockchain is fundamentally resistant to the alteration of the data involved. The blockchain is a list of ever more extensive datasets, called blocks, that are connected and backed up by cryptography. Each block typically includes pointer hash as a link to the previous block, time stamps, and transaction data. With blockchain for all our transactions will reduce operating costs, increase transaction speed, create an open and transparent market, democratize the distribution of values, and narrowed the relationship between advertisers, Network operators, and customers.

Token sales
AirSaveTravel Token ASTC, also called AirsaveCoin, is a new ERC20 sign airsave that allows access to ASTC Dapp (decentralized applications) and the ability to save and make money, gifts crypto, and STA Travel Voucher.

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