AIVON – Artifical Intelligence Video Open Network

AIVON  – Good day, dear friends! Today we will talk about the topic of video hosting. Agree, each of us likes to sit and spend time on the internet, and meanwhile to look what neither be beautiful or funny  And as you can understand, even this sphere does not go without any problems. Yes, unfortunately, the problems are everywhere and they need to be solved to improve this or that sphere. Let’s go in order. Initially, we will discuss the issues. 
The problem of this sphere is rather serious. The biggest problem is network congestion when viewed and the ability to search for new video files. When the network is seriously loaded with views, it is difficult to find any files due to dense network flow. The same problem concerns the creators of certain videos. First of all it is financial gratitude to the creators for their great works. Unfortunately, this possibility is not always realized and that is why the poor author who created the masterpiece will receive the maximum thanks and that is not always. And it is very sad, many and do not try to create masterpieces that would simply not spend a lot of time on it. Thus, this sphere needs very serious changes and decisions that will change it for the better to correct all pressing problems. The other day, I got a project that is just going to be able to implement it. I want to introduce a project called Aivon. We’ll talk about him now.
About the project:
Aivon – In its essence this project is a serious solution to all pressing problems of this sphere. First of all, I would like to note that this platform consists of such things as artificial intelligence, as well as a platform rich in professionals in the field, who know the problems and build a fairly competent way of development. AIVON  The project itself is based on a decentralized system, which is obtained through such technology as blockchain. This technology solves the problem of transparency, as well as the security of the sphere.
 That is, these tools will be used for video editing, for example, cutting on certain frames, as well as on the security and convenience of users. It will include identification of the fingerprint of your finger, the definition, and attribution of the right to possess this content, which is very important, because of today, very fond of assigning someone else’s work. Also, for the users themselves will be a very useful intelligent search for certain content, which will be carried out with the help of artificial intelligence, which is present on this platform.
Also on this project will be its own internal cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency will be necessary for the realization of all financial actions on the project. By past financial transactions, users who are actively involved in the development of the project will receive it as a reward for their efforts and labors. Also, we’ll look at this token in more detail in the next section of this article.
Now I would like to tell, just about the ICO of this project:
The token for this project is AVO.
Initially, we plan to release AVO tokens: 400 000 000 AVO tokens.
In the future, this release can reach up to 1 000 000 000 AVO tokens.
The price per unit of the AVO token will be 1 AVO = $0.16.
In November, the project team plans to start a major sales phase.
AIVON  For the excellent functioning of such resource programmers combines the common use of the already known platform Ethereum and Plasma network. When uploading your video content, you must have AVO tokens, and each video will be checked for uniqueness and no copying from other sources.
The team is quite experienced and some of them are founders of the Ivideosmart platform. For the realization of the ideas and associations of so many technologies the investments are necessary and therefore realization of digital tokens of the project in quantity of 350 million is carried out. The idea is quite promising and will help the creators of content to significantly increase profits due to artificial intelligence and accurate metadata.

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