AIVON – Layer 2 Protocol For Building Decentralized Video Applications

AIVON  is a decentralized open-source, blockchain protocol, and an ecosystem that has been built on a network of artificial intelligence and a community of expert people. They work together to create normalized and extended metadata for video. Aivon will be the first decentralized open search system for video. Now it is time to familiarize yourself with this platform in more detail and to understand its principle of work.

What attracts Aivon
The project strives to solve the problems of the qualitative search of video content. There is also a problem of monetization for video creators. Of course, this is only a small part of the problems that arise due to the massive expansion of online video. When a video stream is downloaded and viewed, finding content becomes more and more difficult.

To date, Youtube is the closest to the search engine for video. Users who are looking for videos are limited to what has been downloaded and tagged on Youtube. Also, let’s not forget about viral video applications such as Instagram and Snapchat. The video becomes a standard component on most diverse websites. However, most videos are not indexed in any meaningful way.

Technical information
Token symbol: AVO.
A number of tokens issued: 400 million AVO.
A maximum number of tokens: 1 billion.
Cost of 1 token: 0.16 USD.
Hard Cap: 18 million USD.
Aivon Protocol Components

1. Artificial Intelligence. Specialized algorithms will be deployed on production nodes, so CPU and GPU resources can be used later to scan media files, generate extended metadata, including timestamps, Classification, and categories.
2. Content graph. Content plans to use AI to evaluate the trust of each of several content security attributes. Such factors include nudity, violence, and weapons.
3. Human Expert. The project uses a network of freelancers with skills of tag management, metadata management, transcription, and translation. Aivon is ready to offer its communities the tools that allow individuals to view, validate, and adjust metadata.

How does the platform work?
Artificial intelligence and specialized algorithms will be deployed to the production sites, so CPU and graphics resources can be used in the future to scan media files, create advanced metadata, including timestamps. Also on the platform will be a tool content graph, which can be used by content distributors, AIVON manufacturers and advertisers to ensure the safety of the brand.
This tool provides a programmatic mapping of content and context for optimal advertising placement, which is especially useful for advertisers due to brand security issues. The Aivon project will be able to offer its communities enough convenient tools that will allow you to view, adjust the metadata received from AI. The token will then be used as a form of payment in the entire Aivon system. Specialists will also apply it for the reward of their users.

Project Team
The development is done by experienced specialists. They have been working in the field of blockchain technology for a long time and are well aware of their work. To familiarize with the command you can below:

The project specialists plan to achieve a wide network effect that benefits all participants. Open Video Search system will be able to present the first decentralized and open video search engine, which unlike Youtube, created to adhere to the community.

AIVON Based on the information provided in this article, we can conclude that the Aivon project is really promising and interesting. The Open video search engine is ready to offer the first decentralized, open and unbiased video search engine that was created in order to be supported by the community


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