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AKAIITO  complex of platforms combined in one resource allowing to exist in the real world with the new currency, it is a unique opportunity to buy all kinds of goods, to rent a house and a car for lease, to use hiring and the help of experts from a nanny till Law Office, using Kriptodengi.

Akaiito is a powerful platform operating on the basis of the Blockchain system, which uses Smart contract technology and combines several spheres of life.
1-market goods trade between users
2-Rent apartments for rent, machines between users
3-Services providing services/work between users
4-Map Overview of places of catering, entertainment, services, etc. where payment is possible cryptocurrency

Online goods Market:
The online market will be the main platform for users wishing to sell and buy goods using cryptocurrency
Process Seller-Exposes his goods, sets the price of his goods, the buyer finds the goods and buys it for cryptocurrency (AIC).
Taxation in accordance with the legislation of the country of the user’s location.
The items will be categorized for easy search.
The price of the token rate will be fixed at the time of the buyer’s consent to purchase the goods the seller can put a fixed price or a floating price attached to the stock exchange (it is worth considering the risk of falling and rising prices according to exchange adjustments) .
Reviewing each buyer or seller can affect the reputation of the other, leaving him a review or assessment only after the transaction is completed
Blocking the online market Akaiito will adhere to an unappealingly strict policy regarding the blocking of illegal goods and unscrupulous users, which will allow other users to feel safe.

Principles and Device:
Any user will be able to create an account with the seller’s office to display the goods.
Retail trade of single goods with a value of up to 10 AIC is allowed.
For trade more expensive goods it is necessary to improve the rating, having received positive estimation after, each completed and confirmed transaction. The score must be at least 7 points out of 10, only such ratings are set in the rating of the seller. Every 5 positive estimates of at least 7 give the opportunity to sell more expensive lots, on the principle of 5 points = + 5aic to the maximum possible set value of the goods.
Calculations will be made strictly in AIC. For convenience, the built-in calculator will be able to display the equivalent value in any other currency by the current exchange rates.
Buying tokens AIC at the initial bidding, you will not only be able to buy goods and services on our platform as much as possible, ´ but trade them on the exchanges, earning profit.
A way to get a good rating with the ability to exhibit more expensive goods.

In this case, we do not make any restrictions on the quantity and value of the goods sold.
Deposit account will need to replenish the AIC in the amount set by us, after receiving the completed registration form and consideration of the application from each supplier separately.

Perhaps the minimum pass rate would seem too strict a regulation to increase the seller’s rating, but we sincerely believe that to guarantee the high quality of service and goods offered on our platform, this system is necessary.
Our task is to make each participant not just a loyal, but a happy user of the platform. Strict rules do not cancel decentralization, they are designed to regulate the relations of users and support the correct development of the trading platform of tomorrow, which is needed today. And also to create a trust relationship between all who are with us.

Why Akaiito?
All in one-the uniqueness of the Akaiito project is that this platform will unite all that is necessary for efficient and convenient use of cryptocurrency. There are many applications. We want this to be available at just one click away. A mass commune using one powerful platform is our goal.

Secure purchase the ability to review. Each buyer or seller can affect the reputation of the other, leaving him a review or evaluation after the deal smart contract will follow the interests of both parties:-when buying tokens will be booked. — When the goods are delivered, the buyer scanning the QR code confirms receipt of the goods and successful closing of the transaction. After that the tokens are transferred to the seller, this function guarantees the purity of the transaction.
The low commission fee will be only 3%. of which 1% will be returned to the buyer by the cash back system.

Stimulating rewards program in which the buyer returns 1% of the purchase amount after the transaction. Each buyer confirmed the transaction and appreciated the seller receives a cash back of 1% of the amount spent. For example: John bought a product for 15 AIC-After the end of the deal John will get back to his account 1% of the value of goods = 0.15 AIC. 04 C.

AIC Tokeny:
Selling tokens-AIC for the implementation of the project Akaiito, will be held the sale of tokens AIC. Akaiito will release 30 million AIC tokens. For sale will be exhibited 22.5 million. The main sale will be exhibited 21.5 million and 1 million on pre-sale. (the amount of issued AIC depends on the course of ETH).
Image (1). png
On sale The token price will be 0.001 ETH, for one ETH it is possible to buy 1000 AIC. Minimum purchase 0.01 ETH. For realization of the project it is necessary to collect from 1000 to 20 000 ETH or equivalent in other cryptocurrency proceeding from the current rate.

Distribution of funds from sale:

Investment Bonuses (Big DEAL Bonus) a step system of bonuses will be used for large investment infusions. The more invested the amount, the higher the percentage of bonuses (bonuses are calculated from the invested amount):
10 – 50 ETH: 1% Bonus
51 – 100 ETH: 2% Bonus
101 – 150 ETH: 3% Bonus
151 – 200 ETH: 5% Bonus
201 – 300 ETH: 8% Bonus
301 – 1000 ETH: 10% Bonus
1001 – 1500 ETH: 15% Bonus
1501 and more ETH: 20% Bonus

Website: https://akaiito.io
Whitepaper : https://akaiito.io/files/Akaiito_WP_Eng.pdf
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