Alcedo – Platform Contains All Functions Necessary Handling All Crypto Transaction

ALCEDO  creates an ecosystem implementing the blockchain technology into everyday life. It makes electronic money accessible and usable for people all over the world. We are geared towards the widespread acceptance of Alcedo and other electronic currencies.
Alcedo Point
At all points Alcedo, one can buy, sell, and exchange currency (BTC, Alce, EUR, etc.) with the help of professional consultants.
The token Alcedo Alcedo-Coin (Alce) is an important part of our ecosystem, as it is the means to process the service charge and our rewards program.
For Alcedo
Buy, sell, swap and transfer electronics to and from any electronic money accounts
Investment Plan
We are expanding his traditional business from saving gold to investment plan e-money
Alcedo Card, It allows customers to quickly and easily buy or sell e-currencies at Alcedo withdrawals and our POS terminals

Buy & Sell and Swap
In addition to the ATM of electronic money, Alcedo-Points will support our customers with the help of our group of services. We will provide the unique customer opportunity to buy and sell e-money outside the Internet trading platform and with the personal help of our specialists. They will also support the use of the ATM and answer all questions regarding electronic money.
Expanding Alcedo Point
Alcedo-Points are available in a franchise system, this will create the job and the higher acceptance and quicker in our society. We, as your future alienation, ALCEDO will ensure that you will get the best framework with competent advice, constant training, and ongoing accessibility. The license fee will be paid separately by the Alcedo-coins, which means Alcedo-Coin is still in the company’s business cycle.
Alcedo Card
Alcedo cards are first equipped with integrated NFC chips and can be used at our Alcedo ATM machines and POS terminals. This allows the customer to quickly and easily buy or sell e-money. In addition, it promotes the dissemination and acceptance of Alcedo-Coins and other electronic currencies. No long registration procedures and frills on the foreign stock exchange are needed. We operate exclusively and completely from Germany.
Our version 1 Alcedo is limited to 1,000 cards, which are personalized and will be sent for free (worldwide) with the purchase 10,000 Alcedo-Coins.
Alcedo Coin (token)
ALCEDO -Coin is one of the most important components in the entire Alcedo project and is designed in the form of a message-based ERC-20 ethereum when the ICO starts. Of course, Alcedo-Coins can also be used as currencies in addition to using them in Alcedo ecosystem. We will launch Alcedo-Coin into Q-4 2019. Code
This notice will be transferred in the process of developing into a separate blockchain, with the same number of pennies and the current Alce ERC20 token that is exchanged at a rate of 1:1.
Alcedo system
Our customers can benefit from lowering a lot of charges using our Ecosystem-us. To speed up distribution and thus the circulation of Alcedo-Coins, the use of our platform through Alcedo-more favorable coins. However, each customer is free to decide what kind of electronic money I want to pay.
Special Highlights Alcedo
Another important point for us is to provide our customers with some benefit by using Alcedo-Platform and Alcedo-Coins. Each user has 10 000 alce on the Alcedo platform (Web applications or smartphones) that will not pay any transaction charges when using our services. However, depending on the coin (minus Alcedo-Coin), a certain network fee is still, we cannot repay. This elimination applies to any of Alcedo’s services (including all Alcedo ATM machines).
Purse Alcedo
ALCEDO  For Alcedo significantly simplifying the processing of electronic currencies on smartphones. Very simple, one can send and/or receive different amounts of money. We offer right from the beginning of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Alcedo-Coin, but this type will continuously be enlarged. The wallet is designed to operate seamlessly with the electronic cash digging machine and our Alcedo platform. In exchange for Euro in electronic currency, this process is almost identical to receiving money at the machine, i.e. scanning the QR code and receiving the money. Mobile applications include a map showing all the positions of electronic cash machines in Germany.
Alcedo-Wallet is designed by adherence to the highest safety standards. After downloading and registering, all users of this wallet all receive 20 Alcedo-Coins for free. 
Details of the Alcedo ICO project
Token: Alcedo
Total token Alcedo: 100 million Alce
Hard hat: 40 million
Softcap: 100.000 (EUR)
Hard cap: 16,000,000 (EUR)
Platform: ERC20
Means of payment: BTC, ETH, PayPal
Semi Crowd: December 1, 2018

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