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Alfa-Enzo  – Blockchain this technological innovation, supported by cryptocurrency, is more and more discussed around the world. Even the public authorities are beginning to show interest in it. However, it is very demanding in power and computer computing capacities. Blockchain allows saving transactions executed in Bitcoins since the moment of this cryptocurrency origin, with security, which has never been brought to the present day.

Ensuring the exchange of cryptocurrency is based on a complex digital architecture, based mainly on chains. The blockchain allows decentralized currency management without a trusted third party, as opposed to hierarchical and centralized systems of official currencies.

The data is grouped into sequential blocks that store all the information related to the transactions made. These blocks are connected to each other and numbered. A cryptographic link is established between each block and the next.

The numerical representation of crypto active often works with the use of digital tokens. It is a digital representation of value, interchangeability, and divisibility can be disseminated on the Internet and exchanged peer by a person without mandatory proof of identity and for the purpose of payment.

ENZO Open Network System (EON)
EON is the work of a group of experts from the Alfa Enzo ecosystem, which has gained knowledge in the field of interactive human-computer relations known as HCI, and a number of other knowledge about the model of a functioning computer system, without ignoring Security. The EON platform itself uses a multi-blockchain application to integrate values on a social scale. The EON platform is based on the need for users to take control of the valuable data that is generated by them from data operations. Alfa-Enzo  The vision of EON is to break down the monopoly of centralized social platforms to collect valuable data from users who do not recognize their full value. Access to the EON is generally open and aims to provide data-based relationships with users on a social scale.

EON components
Infinite personal chain
As already noted, the installation of the EON is in several chain structure. Users of the EON will have access to their own blockchain, which is headed by a master circuit. Blockchain peer interaction is available through the developed cross-chain smart contracts.

Reverse Mining
EON uses computed miners, which help confirm checks for users through the CAPTCHA puzzle system solution and are stimulated by earning Enzos.

Hybrid evidence of consensus mechanism activity
The normal mechanism of consensus blockchain uses proof of work and proof of share, but EON combines both of them to create a system of reward Enzo based on an activity that is fair and transparent.

Atomic Commit
In order to increase the transaction verification and promote the use of cryptocurrency in real time, Alfa-Enzo  EON uses the use of off chain channels that complement the multichain in place, thereby increasing the scalability and speed Transaction.

Samaritan Process
This process is a protocol that allows hosts to improve transaction validation through smart contracts. The process usually rests on accepting the entire protocol node.

EON Handshake Protocol
This allows users of the EON platform to share physical assets with each other.
In general, the EON platform has been designed to improve a free and reliable exchange network that allows you to delegate their cross-chaining to each other for proper interaction with the data.

EON Interactive Applications
In order to provide the type of convenient interface provided by central social platforms, the EON network uses the development of easy-to-use applications for efficient operation.
Alfa App
This is the first of the applications to be created and is the main portal for users who want to monetize their valuable data, as well as allow the means of social interaction. This includes the EON cryptocurrency purse and actively is used when all transactions that are associated with the framework are executed. A Push application specifically for users who want to use platform capabilities to connect to social network users on blockchain to make targeted advertising for a particular audience.

Conclusion :
Alfa-Enzo  A very effective system will always attract the right users to accept them and use them. The convenience of use blockchain-the dream of each developer. The EON system is designed to redistribute value in a typically erroneous system.

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