Aligatocoin – Greetings to all, friends. I am sure that many of you make or at least once made online purchases in online stores whether it is large stores such as Amazon and Ebey or small it is not important.
Most likely you have encountered such problems as long delivery, delivered the wrong product or a child without your knowledge made a purchase.
Technologies do not stand still and every day the market of electronic commerce is rapidly developing, more and more technologies and innovations are applied to this sphere. Competition in this field makes the owners of Internet platforms apply various schemes and invent new instruments of influence on buyers that would at least somehow stand out and remain in this market.
If you trust the statistics, by 2021 the turnover of e-commerce would turn the number of 4 trillion dollars. More and more shops transfer their goods to the Internet shops. Even there is such a statement-if your business is not on the Internet, then you do not have a business.
From today we will talk about such a project, which will provide the convenience of shopping, make payments safe and reduce the time of delivery.
The name of this platform Aligatocoin
The main goal of this platform is to bring the process of purchase, payment, and transportation of products to a whole new level. The company plans to achieve this by introducing the latest technologies.
 That the entire platform will be built on the technology Blockchain will ensure the security of finances and personal data users.
 Built-in artificial intelligence will allow you to collect data on purchases in real time and optimize the process of personalization of customer experience.
 Separately I would like to note the use of drones couriers! And although they are not yet able to deliver parcels over long distances, they perfectly cope with their work at close distances.

Using the above-mentioned technologies will make life easier for sellers, shopkeepers, and buyers.
In the future, the company Aligato plans to introduce payment confirmation by scanning the shakti of your eye. All this together will be able to promote the Internet trade in front of the technological and secure future.
Platform Tokens:
The name of tokens Aligatocoin the use of these tokens will enable their owners to have good cooperation conditions.

Aligatocoin wants to be the fastest in the delivery of goods. You on the right after ordering the goods through the usual online store waited a lot of time. But the platform is developing for the transfer of goods system  “Aligatocoin Drone “. As you understand drones will deliver you the goods (it is certainly on the verge of fiction, but modern technologies develop with such speed that it will soon be commonplace). And you do need nowhere to go in a matter of minutes to you in the window can fly a drone with your merchandise.

ICO Details
Token: ALC
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 100 million ALC
Price: 1 ALC = 0.5 USD
Payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
Soft cap: 1 million ALC
Hard cap: 70 million ALC
Preico Count: 12 million ALC
Start: 20.04.2018
Completion: 29.07.2018
ICO Qty: 46 Million ALC
Start: 29.07.2018
Completion: 30.08.2018
Token distribution 70% sale
9% Team
8% Bet Confirmation
5% Expert Advisors
5% Reserve
3% Bounty

The conclusion of the Aligatocoin project
The idea of the Aligatocoin project is very attractive. Security when scanning the eyes, fast delivery with drones, payment as Fiat and bank transfers, but also a plus that can be paid cryptocurrency. For me, such a project has a future. While other projects implement such opportunities, it will be either very late or leave as it is.

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