Alphateca Global Cryptomarket, Where Any User Can Act Both as a Buyer or Seller

Alphateca is a global encryption marketplace where any user can also act either as a buyer or seller, sell or buy different services or goods using electronic money as a means of payment. Imagine that you only take 10 minutes to create your own purse (link) without leaving the house, go to Alphateca and offer your own tablet, car, yacht, songs or a rare product of popular computer games for sale only In a few clicks! Tens of thousands of people see your endless day – someone will definitely love it. In a very short time, you can find the buyer, paid on Cryptowallet and buy a safe commodity you need from hundreds of categories in the cryptographic market. You do not have to withdraw money from the entire cryptographic system – you can pay for any products or services right from your crypto wallet.

It also works with other commodities, for example, with the digital intellectual property. You can distribute audio, e-books, computer games, photos and many other things with electronic money all over the world. Alphateca is a great way to make money from your creative potential. Out of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, there are people who will appreciate your creativity and will be able to buy copies for themselves.

Characteristics of Alphateca for the global market?
Alphatecabased on two principles: loyalty to money and global desire to promote the use of electronic money in daily life. Starting your work on the Alphateca platform is quite simple. The friendly interface, familiar photos, and simple language will allow you to understand the fundamentals in just a few minutes. We have prepared a modern and convenient support section for you, including all the necessary materials to discover the secret sphere through articles and videos. You can find answers to frequently asked questions on the site, in the related section. You can discuss issues or suggestions on improving the site on the forum. Forum users are active in getting ratings and special achievements are displayed on their account.

The Alphateca platform has several free features: set items, auctions,…, but also paid services such as advertising, create shops, guarantors and some other services. You can use them with e-money or token, which can be received in Operation ICO.

Any user who supports Alphateca from anywhere for the charge will receive its bonus code, personal achievement, displayed in the profile and affect the overall ranking and reliability of the account

A future release of Alphateca platform?
The encrypted community is only closed and incomprehensible, but in fact, everything is simple and clear when someone is willing to explain it. To reveal your potential on the Alphateca platform, we have prepared a detailed tutorial on our YouTube channel. There you can find the basic concepts related to the crypto world, the answer to the FAQ

Technical code notification ️ Alphateca [ATEC]?
The Alphateca coding technique [ATEC] is based on the Ethereum platform [ERC-20]. The ATEC tokenhas a limited amount of play. This is a token of utility, it can be used for addresses in the project, but it can be moved within the site. It is not possible to use the site outside token.

The distribution of token ATEC
Full Play – 177 000 000 ATEC
Pre-Sales – 19 000 000 ATEC
ICO – 155 000 000 ATEC
Bonus – 1 500 000 ATEC
Gift Card – 1 500 000 ATEC

Pre-Sales (15-25 June).
Fixed Bonus – 25%.
Limitation of token – 19 000 000 ATEC (for sale around 15000 000 ATEC)
1 ETH = 7 000 ATEC
0.079 BTC = 7 000 ATEC
Purchase Minimum – 0.5 ETH

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