Alphateca – Guarantor Service, Private Auction and Private Sale Services

Alphateca is a global encrypted marketplace where all users can act as buyers or sellers or use electronic money to sell or purchase a variety of services or products. As a means of payment. Imagine creating your own wallet without leaving home and going to Alphateca and taking only 10 minutes to deliver your tablet, car, yacht, own song or rare item. Sell popular computer games with just a few clicks! Tens of thousands of people have seen your endless days-someone will surely love it. Looking for buyers in a very short time, you can safely purchase the required items from hundreds of categories in the crypto market, getting paid from the crypto Laurel. There is no need to withdraw money from the entire encryption system. You can pay for the product or service at the decryption.
Future development platform Alphateca?
The cryptographic community is closed and incomprehensible, but in fact when someone is willing to explain everything is simple and clear. To reveal the potential of the Alphateca platform, we’ve prepared a detailed guide to the YouTube channel. Here you can find answers to the basic concepts, frequently asked questions related to the cipher world
Advantages and disadvantages of Alphateca?
In every way: many products and services are collected on a single platform, making them very easy to use.
Alphateca Globalization: Buyers and sellers around the world meet in one place on the Alphateca platform.
Fast and cheap: no transaction fees or interest losses when moving to another country. Electronic money is sent to the merchant’s account within minutes, regardless of distance.
Easy to trade: all the necessary trading tools are available on this platform. Safe and fast money buyer platform in just a few clicks.
Extensive marketing: A vast use of Internet tools for progressive online advertising and marketing strategies and promotions related to online advertising. We als o use this platform as a positive experience, and we hope to share it with friends and colleagues.
Upper hierarchy: This feature is a key feature of successful projects. Your trades will not depend on bank working hours, bank holidays and weekends. Blockchain technology is available 24/7 and works the most transparent while protecting your privacy.
User Services: Alphateca Platform users can always use the guarantor service to perform secure transactions. The guarantor is the intermediary between the seller and the buyer. He tracks trading conditions and is the first step in mediation.
Service: Buyer can pause payment for a while.
On-platform bidding: All sellers can start pricing on the platform and send invitations to all users.
What are the benefits of using the Alphateca platform?
Dozens of companies around the world join the E-money community. In many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia, electronic money is recognized as a legitimate means of payment and can then be paid for all kinds of translation products using electronic money. Services including state facilities.
ALPHATECA Customer Benefits:
Our development strategy is based on an accurate view of the current situation and prospects of market change and is divided into the following steps:
 Invite a company that has worked in electronic currency.
 Promote electronic money among traditional money holders on the purchase side.
 Encourage companies to use the traditional money to use e-currencies for market activities.
The Alphateca platform is a product of great demand for many additional features and innovations

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