Alt.Estate Individuals and Institutions Can Buy or Sell fractions of Properties Without Borders

ALT. Estate is a Protocol and a marketplace platform supported blockchain technology which allows tokenizing real estate assets into a form of a digital token and traded his within the platform. Real estate assets already in tokenize will become easier to trade and have higher liquidity. With blockchain technology, asset real estate in tokenizing and make it into a digital token form into fractions and based on the size of the cm2. With the marketplace is so anyone can easily build their own global portfolio of best property around the world.

How does Alt. Estate?
With the presence of tokenization into real estate asset, then the asset is traded with smaller funds, even with only $100, so all investors both from the bottom to the top can trade buy this real estate asset, which where usually this asset can only be purchased only by large investors only. Through the Alt platform, this Asset would then Estate in broken into digital with the token based on cm2, so investors can buy it later with a smaller Fund, examples only 1/1000 from the real estate prices and investors do not have to buy all the property asset, just 1/1000 only.

Thus tokenization provides benefits in the real estate industry, which this asset can be made into a digital token and in cracked, ALT. Estate so that investors from the bottom of the medium can trade buy this asset without having to buy the whole property, can only by a hundredth or per hundred of the price of the property.

What are the benefits and advantages given by Alt. Estate?
And with a global platform of Alt., Estate agencies and anyone can buy or sell individual fractions of their property without having to worry about the border. Everyone in the world can participate in the trading of real estate asset that exists throughout the world with a better liquidity. Benefits of tokenization are allowing a break down of the real estate assets based on the size of the token into shape cm2 digital, making it easier in seller buy and we can trade this asset only with minimum capital, even just $100.

ALT. Estate In addition, this platform using technology Blockchain thus providing transparency and high security. As well as providing a trading transaction fees are much cheaper, if compared with the traditional way then there is usually a fee up to 30%. Tokenization will also provide better liquidity so that all investors more easily traded real estate asset trade. In addition, this project at manage by co-founder and team that has a lot of experience in the real estate industry.

It also transaction real estate asset trading that occurs on this platform are P2P (Peer-to-Peer) so that it can eliminate the third party, and all will get also the transparency and liquidity.

Currently, there are several projects that have the aim to tokenize the real estate asset, but Alt. Estate has a product and service better, below can see differences between the platforms.

Who team and co-founder of Alt. Estate?
Team founder Alt. Estate consists of some people who already have experience of many years in the real estate industry. They are Vladimir Shmidt (CEO), Alexander Popov (CFO), Anton Lysak (CTO), and many more team and other advisors.

Details Of ICO Alt. Estate
ICO start: May 16, 2018
Symbol Token: ALT
Purchase: ETH
Type Token: ERC20
The price of Tokens: 1 ETH = 100,000 ALT
Minimum purchase:-
Bonus: Available

real estate industry is estimated to be worth about $217 trillion, making it one of the most profitable sectors for investment, but so far only the rich can invest in this asset. And with the Alt platform. this estate then allows anyone can invest in real estate or property with minimal funds, even with only $100. Thus this platform will revolutionize the real estate industry and sample, so everyone around the world can participate in investing in real estate without limit in the region and make decentralized transaction trade asset runs by P2P in the absence of a third party.

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