AMLT-Platfrom That Provide Solutions Products To a Network of Paid Coinfirm

AMLT is the token for a prepaid products and the right of access to the network Coinfirm AML/CTF already. Network members receive AMLT to provide assessment and information about a specific address-this is the fuel that makes the system be democratic and contradicts the State arbitrarily.
This enables compliance and transparency in all transactions, help the overall situation of the ecosystems become more secure and connected to the global economy.
AMLT build a secure and democratic network which gives transparency to the world of kriptocurrency, helps those complaints with a number of regulatory requirements.

The virtual currency market worth more than 100 Billion USD have problems with access to commercial markets and traditional banking and the mass struggle with compliance regulations. As has been demonstrated by studies and industry leaders, effectively handle regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering and particularly the eradication of Terrorism (AML/CTF) for blockchain and virtual currencies have become major barriers and the loss of a relationship with the commercial sector and the traditional financial and overall. mass adoption

Ecosystems affected by AML/KYC is effective and efficient for the transaction blocking:
➡Companies that receive virtual money
➡Banks and financial institutions
➡Enterprise Business Intelligence
➡Smart Contracts
➡New ICO
➡New Market Participants
➡Individuals globally

Destination AMLT
The purpose of AMLT has the aim of building a global open standard for crypto crypto-transparency and bring them into the mainstream in a way that is safe, efficient and effective.

Costs and lost opportunities. For those who follow the standards and regulations, AML/CTF fixed costs high and will continue to increase because it is not only effective but inefficient and manual still in many ways. Financial institutions are already split into two digits of their labor while working towards virtual currency spends his money
The cost to business of virtual currency could rise more than 50% of the total time and cost of the current labor system, reports, training manuals, processes, and so on. The cost of ‘ non-compliance ‘ is even higher.

Value Of AMLT
A token that provides a right of access to the Platform CoDeL/CTF Coinfirm, AMLT allows users to purchase reports with great discount, get exclusive access to knowledge, and enables members to evaluate the market participants and get it at AMLT by providing data that are essential for the smooth and safe trade.

AMLT is the key which is in line with the Coinfirm’s Platform provides a solution for the problem for all participants in the ecosystem and create the Foundation for a secure, tranparent, democratic and economic systems are compliant

➡Users Virtual currency: global standards, reference data and main access points that allows the management of AML/CTF which effectively and efficiently the risks associated with virtual currency and assets, as well as anti-blockchain Act of deception;
➡The exchange of Virtual Currency, Business and payment Processor, as is recognized as the institution of mandatory, they should meet the standards required and the procedure. AMLT allows to effectively streamline and automate AML Compliance, reducing costs, risks and commercially acceptable primary partners and clients;
➡Traditional sectors such as banks or corporate business intelligence: have or accept clients that are bound to a virtual currency raises the risk that needs to be done is understood and managed Provides a global standard, the main reference and access points data that enables effective and efficient management of the risk of AML/CTF associated with virtual currency and assets, and blockchain allows for virtual currency and the adoption of blockchain.
➡AMLT mendemokratisasikan and simplify, decentralize AML/CTF risk assessment and process;
➡AMLT helps the exchange of information among market participants about the risks associated with virtual currency users transparently over and above the objective regulation arising from rules and regulations. The democratization of the strict rules and risk-based approach through the AMLT means that one can, in the assessment of the risk of AML/CTF them, make decisions about potential risk is determined by the Coinfirm platform and also the voice of the market other

Solusiyang needed for business
virtual currency or just want to expose it. At the end of
Today, entities like or allowances with their mandatory work rules applying AML/CTF for keeping themselves, their partners and their clients of potential risk and to be of commercial growth.
Any company that has a commercial relationship with the company’s virtual currency
also need to understand these things. Business intelligence companies such as
Thompson Reuters cannot find out information about what they have in
their portfolio.
Any reason for legal reasons, commercial and moral. AML/CTF for legal reasons, commercial and moral. The global market and are growing rapidly and are no longer ignored by big business, financial institutions, criminals, regulators and the financial investigation unit.

How do I work with Coins?
➡AML/CTF Coinfirm platform serves as a basis for the adoption of the safe and the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
➡Using a proprietary algorithm and analysis of large data to provide actionable data that increase efficiency, reduce costs and simplify the home to Automation in the near
➡Spread the ecosystem blockchain and cryptocurrency into the traditionally danimana economy of mass market adoption
➡Serve as a bridge to accommodate the new business models and Blockchain tips and virtual currency in a way that’s safe and appropriate
➡It was built to create a Global standard for industry

What is a Coinfirm?
Company RegTech global AML/CTF for Blockchain, the influencers in the industry absorbed Blockchain/Virtual Currency and RegTech. Led by leaders and professionals from the industry, AML compliance, anti-fraud and Blockchain partners and clients from the main crypto players as RSK Dash and to financial institutions such as the SEI

Vision and mission of Coinfirm
Coinfirm provides network which builds virtual currency and blockchain transparent, democratic, effective and appropriate. The goal of Coinfirm is to provide Global standards for efficient and effective compliance with AML/CTF with decentralized and democratic way in which the participants can provide an assessment of AML/CTF/Fraud/business/risk whether negative or positive.

Not only provides the transparency and democratization of the financial system in a way that has never happened before, the AMLT attached to the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform serves as a bridge to accommodate the new business model and adopt a currency blockchain and virtual.

Why Should AMLT?
AMLT is the main liaison at Blockchain, helping businesses to ensure transparency and security–to protect themselves, their customers and grow by solving one of the biggest-Blockchain needs an effective compliance and AML procedures.

AMLT helps market participants to access data about the risks associated with virtual currency-use AMLT to get the report and make full use of crypto-cardiac economy.
Bring the efficiency and effectiveness of AML/CTF compliance and democratization for the global market
User AMLT will help define good actors and unfairly exclude individuals in countries affected by sanctions

Who is the most important AMLT
As has been done by researchers and leaders, Regulatory Compliance, particularly the anti-money laundering (AML) and Anti-terrorist Financing (CTF) to Terrorist Blockchain and virtual currency has become an obstacle for them.


AMLT provides access to the economics of a safe and transparent blocker-protects you, your partners and your clients
Detail Project AMLT
➡AMLT Platform
➡AML/CTF Colde provides secure solutions for virtual currency management.
1.0 AMLT
➡AMLT can be switched with the AML Risk Reports with great discount prices.
Wallet 2.0 AMLT
➡AMLT integrated with the Platform. Users who are in the process of identification and verification can exchange information in order to participate in the distribution of Daily AMLT.

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