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Apollon –¬†Blockchain technology is increasingly woven into our daily lives. It seemed already in each of the spheres of human activity blockchain left his mark. But anyway, each of the proposed on Bitcointalk ICO tries to stand out, suggesting something absolutely unique. So, a project called Apollon stepped where farther. I suggest that you consider this project in this article and make your own conclusion about the Apollon platform offers.

Apollon Project Idea
The Apollon project is an absolute “novella ” of projects based on the blockchain. The idea of the project in question is the connection between all branches of human activity. Thus, the Apollon platform combines all payment systems of various industries in an innovative, new structure based on the already well-known technology blockchain.

At the moment the project offers to us the industry connected mainly with entertainments, but in the future the team has in plans realization of free stream cryptocurrency in the real world, having expanded the forces in the strongest companies of absolutely different branches.

The project aspires to become one of the ten strongest industries of the sphere of entertainment and leisure. Also creating its own ecosystem in the network, the project wants to move to the digital economic system of work, improving the efficiency of the industry as a whole.

The entertainment industry today, what are the prospects for development
Quite a long ago there was a given industry, but every time its importance in the world economy only increases. Thus, in the 21st century, the entertainment industry accumulates not a trillion dollars, which makes it a significant part of the economy of most of the countries that exist today on Earth.

Can you imagine what sums are wrapped up in this field every day? But the calculations cannot be accurate at least because the entertainment industry has different currencies as a currency. This fact adds some inconvenience in the creation of reports, accounting, etc. Project Apollon wants to radically change the infrastructure of the powerful industry of the 21st century.

A main component of the project: the Entertainment industry
Apollon is a project that aims to develop all areas of activity that are integrated on its own platform. The connection of the project with the Blockchain platform benefits both the entrepreneurs of the gaming industry and the active users who are spectators in this market. It is not necessary to talk about the benefits of smart contracts in the platform operation, because even the most distant user of Internet resources knows about the positive qualities of this system of contracting.

Having studied the proposed Apollon technical documentation, the basic tools of the project became known.
Thus, the first instrument of the platform is the market for entertainment, offering the last absolutely new directions.
The second is the Blockchain technology, which acts as a protective zone of the transaction chain.
The third, key tool for the consumer is a well-paid offer.
The final instrument is a two-tier currency. I suggest to stop at the last and study it in detail.

Apollon developed tier digital currency pegged to the US dollar. Thus, the structure of the currency is APO and Lcash. The latter is a well-liquid currency. The service of the project in question covers the industry completely, but it is only one of the components of the project. A wide range of impacts is a key feature of the project. The company has already managed to unite in one platform games, tourism, esports and financial relations. In addition, the project team aims to minimize the transaction costs that exist at this time.

Promotion of the United in one platform branches of entrepreneurial activity of people and improvement of efficiency of work of each of them-the goal which plans to implement the team of Project Apollon in 2020.

What will change the Apollon platform in the gaming realm?
1. Gamers will see a larger number of video games.
2. Developers will be able to provide a wide range of language translation games.
3. Each game created will have different versions depending on the territory of the consumer. In general, the Division will occur on the mainland.
4. On the platform will be holding tournaments, where each gamer will be able to compete in the skills of video games with developers.
5. International tournaments, the participation of which can benefit players.
6. Each participant, playing games will accumulate points for the active use to receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency, which the latter will be able to use for internal transactions.
Also, the development team has established some age requirements for users of the game platform. So, the allowed age is 16 +.

APO token
To implement the platform, the team plans to release its token. The latter is named APO. The number of issued tokens strikes 2 500 000 000. You should not forget about the two-tier currency used on the Apollon platform.

Apollon The project managed to circumvent its idea most proposed by the blockchain ICO, proposing to unite the main business sectors of the people. But will they be able to translate the idea into reality? I hope the project will recommend itself with the most positive side among the investors who will provide financial support for the project.

P.S. This material carries information only for acquaintance and is not my recommendation. I do not encourage you to participate in the ICO. Investing in any of the ICO must take into account all the risks. The author in this article has presented an objective opinion concerning the project under consideration and is not an expert in the field of blockchain technologies.

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