Araw Token – The Unified Reward System driven

ARAW – In addition, there is excellent technical support. The toolkit is also offered for the clients ‘ own needs.
A contactless payment card has been created, its task is to carry out small daily purchases. The map is made by the already accustomed NFC technology, contains radio chip with ID. This decision should involve an additional number of participants.
Because the platform has an open API, there is no need to learn programming and languages to use the system. i.e. it is already initially ready for operation. The open API allows third-party developers to access this functionality. Transparency is achieved at the expense of openness. In addition, here we also have integration with banking services so you can buy coins ARAW at the expense of real money on the bank account. There is also the possibility of exchanging tokens on Fiatnuju currency within your own account. Created and mobile purse for this system, which will allow you to implement the basic operations:
 A simple purchase of tokens,
 Sending and receiving coins by one tap,
 Performing the conversion with BTC and ETH,
 Receiving cashback,
 Conversion to Fiatnuju currency.
 The purse has direct access to the exchanges and allows to monitor the exchange rate in real time.

Blockchain from Jefirium (Proof of Delivery & Service) provides quick and secure operations when using smart contracts. You can safely talk about the trust to the system. Secure deposit is achieved for all parties to the transaction. If the product proves to be of poor quality, you can always return the money spent. The seller also receives guarantees that the money for the goods he will receive in any case.
Blockchain from Jefirium does not require intermediary services, therefore, the cost of transaction execution is minimized.
Tokens are in a secure depository until the transaction is completed. Transfer of funds occurs after confirmation by two parties. Sellers can also prefer the conversion of tokens to fiat currency, but the volatility of the market has not been canceled. Transfers in the ARAW system can be also peers, so it is possible to trade regardless of trans There is no such concept at all. i.e. there is a direct interaction.
The system allows to improve loyalty programs, make it more unified and universal. It observes the departure from traditional systems and offers a reward system based on the dynamic allocation of coins of the system. An interesting feature is a possibility of combining suppliers and consumers into a single database. This is a very useful feature.

Technical parameters.
Marker: ARAW
Standard: ERC20
Equivalent: 1 ARAW = 1 cent US
Number of coins: 5 000 000 000
Tokens in circulation: 3 500 000 000 (70% of the total number)
Soft cap: 2 million US dollars
Hard cap: 25 million US dollars
Start of pre-sales: 01.07.2018
Araw – The system is very promising. Perhaps this cryptocurrency will become a standard in the field of electronic commerce, providing quality functionality and usefulness. It also attracts customers to vendors who use the solution. It is also advantageous for customers to use the system, as they receive the appropriate rewards and the only system of the kind that allows using their own card everywhere.

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