Arizn – acessiblity liquidity transparent

Ariznis a platform that finances unknown crowds. We use smart contracts based on the Block Chain that points to the mass funding process to create a highly liquid secondary market.
What is Arizn?
Arizn is an information exchange platform built on the Atherium block. A complete publication that everyone can see publicly, all clear brochures. Arizn uses smart contracts to deliver products that offer digital assets, stock capital, supported assets or loans in exchange for a cryptographic campaign financing on our platform. This allows the founders, new companies, and existing companies to coordinate their projects and get cheap, liquid and transparent offers for potential financing organizations.

These symbols are called sub-categories representing the basic principles of Arizn, reaction velocity, liquidity, and transparency.
The founder of this campaign will end in the form of a Smart and ECR-20 contract sent to the Atrium block, we use an intuitive wizard to make a suitable cuckoo campaign. Taking important capital will govern all tasks related to dividends payments and providing automatic benefits.

In exchange for the coding of monetary funds, this unique smart contract will result in the ECR 20 sub-symbols. Arizn created a mass funding platform built on the Atheri block. A complete publication that everyone can see publicly, all clear brochures. We use smart platforms to provide products with digital funds, stock, water storage or credit products to finance our platform. This means that the founders can lend money to buyers of new companies and existing companies and make attractive and liquid offers to potential supporters.

We manage our sales figures in Arizn, so our financiers can live on the beta version. Our user accounts create and correct identities with the KYC/AML system. They can then access platform functions. They use instructions to upload your business plans, summaries, and other supporting documents, including marketing materials and official documents.

The wizard guides our founders through a series of questions that contain more than 2000 variables. If the consultant is made, it produces the smart ECR 20 and it automatic the contract. , the characteristics and rules of the plan can be made, in particular, to deal with different types of complex automated and conscious funding, the campaign to fund the group. Only include projects, but supporters and participate in the project.
In fact, it creates mutual links not only to finance campaigns but also to the overall success of the project.

Technical information
ERC 20 human standards standard
Bounce Rate: Ailite
Maximum delivery: 1.2 billion Altay
Decimal number: 18
July 2013-Ready
The Arizona project was built. We know the needs of non-centralized financing in developing countries.
March 2017-Complete
Define the development framework, ETH ECR 20, ICF/Dıco, P2P trading, property transfer, management.
September 2017-Completed
Closed beta tests were performed on Rosten. Successfully deploy 4 ECR 20 templates with a wizard, do not encounter any problems with ICF/Dıcco.
March 2018-Over
In Ropeston, closed Beta 2.0 is used. Additional tests of DAPP, asset infection Testing (P2P), BTC, BCH, JEC, LTC cold Portfolio

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