ARNA Panacea – Blockchain Biotech Ecosystem

ARNA Panacea  by design is a platform that allows data processing not only clinical trials, but also support for researchers during phase R&D and the market for all types of market participants involved in clinical trials as well as direct biotech end sales products for customers (patients).

The initial platform purpose is to acquire, store and analyze information about all methods of cancer detection and treatment from all over the world. This will allow the researchers to get more accurate and precise knowledge on the subject on the one hand, and on the other-will give evidence of a reliable and accessible to all market participants on the results of a study conducted in the entire cycle of their activities.

According to the concept of ARNA Panacea, researchers will be able to keep in blockchain diary of a researchers the necessary tools throughout the researcher-where they will continue their research data (encrypted plans experiments, thoughts and ideas, experiment results etc. ). However, during the phase of R&D each of the researchers will be able to uncover some ideas or results for users of other platforms, thus creating the opportunity that has never happened before for researchers to work together without risking their ideas being abused by others without evidence the discovery.

Other functions of the platform is leveraging the strength of cryptographic signs specifically designed, so that the holders will have the opportunity to pay for the service member, including diagnostic tests for cancer checks and much more.

Why Arna Panacea worthy titles such as “revolutionary” and “change the game”? Although using the basement of existing technology and methodology, the project bears one simple principle of work: save all the clinical trials and further use of the data products using blockchain technology along with providing yet unprecedented opportunities to all members of the platform to make direct payments to each other using a crypto token to be defined by the platform design services. This allows the system to be more efficient and provides its members with a reliable ecosystem, connecting the regulator, clinic, MDs, CROs, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, investors, researchers, experts, patients and other participants in one place.

The company not only suggests a disturbing ecosystems for health and biotechnology, but also provides a groundbreaking breast cancer DNA test first with the unique technology of excavation and analyzing DNA-ARNA BC – which, according to laboratory tests has very high accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of 95% more than even in the early stages of breast cancer. However, this parameter needs to be substantiated by an independent clinical trial, which, if successful, will make it possible to save a lot of lives according to the available statistics. ARNA Genomics claims that all clinical trials will be posted to the system is currently developing the elixir, so everyone including the holder of tokens to keep track of test results in a fashion almost real-time, ever available before. In addition, there are more tests that are currently in the phase of the current R&D, the data will also be posted to the system as well as ARNA Token will be used.

ARNA is an open source cryptographic Tokens tokens are designed to be fixed-value currency that Crypto is evidence against inflation. 50% of the revenues from the implementation of the ARNA Token will be targeted for the development of the first production release of ARNA Panacea as well as formal clinical trials ARNA BC under the supervision and condition by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States).

The overall balance of the funds will be spent to create an extensive network of DNA testing laboratory in major u.s. cities. There are also plans to create a medical device in the Federation of Russia to reduce the cost (the price of such measures would be significantly lower if this system is implemented in developing countries). Growth market Russia as well as its closeness to Europe also provides the company with more members of the system in the future. The overall market potential for ARNA BC in Russia and the United States is estimated conservatively 40 million tests per year.

The overall cost of the initial project was estimated at $40 million over 3 years after ICO. ARNA Genomics also offers an option that has never happened before to buy company stock ARNA BC in the future on nominal value which is very low for the weight of the token holder soon after ARNA BC will pass FDA trials, but subject to approval .

What is the standard token?

ARNA and proof token Utility is not imposed by the SEC (security and Exchange Commission United States). Issue of Tokens will be applied on the open blockchain Ethereum as standard ERC20.

The main advantage of this solution is that the Ethereum blockchain current standard for digital assets and smart contact. ERC20 token interface is able to change the default that is compatible with the infrastructure already available ecosystem Ethereum. This also includes development tools, wallet and Exchangers.

How to get the token ARNA?

ARNA Token offerings will start at first as pre-sales, starting September 21 with a 10% discount for the sale of a primary token, which is planned on November 19. Only the ETH (Ether) will be accepted during the primary or pra-sale of crypto, but others can be changed by into the ETH automatically during the main event on sale.

Pre-sale caps is the equivalent of 1 million USD-this is the amount budgeted of not only for the successful marketing of the project before the main sales, but also the first input to start product development and action approval in accordance with the corporate strategy without waiting for a primary token to complete the Sale. Participants must register by filling out the form at

To finance the activities according to the plan, the company will distribute a proof in the form of a limited time. The maximum amount of sales by 50% from ARNA signs of total number of issued tokens — 1 billion (one billion).

Project team members will distribute approximately 25% token to encourage team work, various advisors needed for ambitious projects to be carried out and the founders. The first distribution will go on sale early Token will be done to offset the contributions of members of the initiative, but most will be given time to ensure long-term commitment and effective each person towards success project.

25% of all signs will be provided to enter into mutually beneficial with regards to future potential partners for the purposes of promotion including ARNA platform Panacea it yourself. A major release of the platform was planned in the year 2018

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