Asobi Coin Create a P2P – Style Distributed Secondary Content Platform

Asobi Coin – What if you can buy or sell secondary content, such as books, comics, programs, videos, music, software, etc.? Oh, no, it can’t be. But the company Asobimo says “No problem” and creates the world’s first platform on the basis of blockchain for distribution of secondary content. The platform will be protected by a decentralized security system, in the DSS people. Secondary content in the P2P style will be created, and Asobimo will allow you to trade or purchase secondary content on their platform without worrying about security thanks to the DSS system.

It is worth mentioning that the company Asobimo is originally from Japan and has a huge experience in the field of online games development. They have been doing this for over 15 years, have more than 600 employees around the world (especially in Japan, Taiwan, China) and their games have uploaded more than 50 million times! Incredible figure true? Especially considering that one of their games Avabel online raised more 200 million dollars on sales inside the game.

They were also awarded two awards, such as:
Best Google Play Developer
APP Store Game Award

The mission of the given company is the development of own platform on which it will be possible to buy or sell any products. The aforementioned platform will be called Asobi market.

I can not say that such a platform is a novelty, in fact, there are a lot of them, but all of them have a drawback, which reduces to zero their usefulness and productivity. First, such platforms will not give the right to ownership of users after the purchase, secondly, if the platform is closed, the buyer will never be able to use the purchased product. It’s unpleasant, isn’t it?

Asobi Market managed to solve this problem and give all buyers the right to hold content, that is, the user owns the license while protecting it with the DSS system and all transactions will be secured.

In the future, the company will create Asobi Wallet, which significantly simplifies the purchase and sale of various digital content such as:
Music content, if you have music that you no longer listen to, you can easily sell it through this purse
e-Books, if you have mislaid manga or would like to buy it, you can do it using Asobi Wallet
Video content such as movies zasmo trennye to holes
And of course the game items, you can easily sell your unnecessary or obsolete equipment, or buy new weapons

It is worth noting that you can make a purchase directly from the manufacturer, and Randomnogo user but for the lowest price than the manufacturer. Asobi Coin After the transaction (sale of goods) The money will immediately go to your purse. I would like to remind you that the platform Asobi may interest not only ordinary buyers but also manufacturers because on the trading platform Asobi will be smart-contracts, the income from which will be instantly distributed among the participants of the transaction.

Let’s take a look at how items will be purchased at Asobi Market:
To make a purchase on the given trading platform the obligatory condition will be a use of token Asobi coin.
A license will be created for the item that is transferred to the vault.
The above license will be linked to the customer-buyer.
And in the end, after receiving the license for the goods, the user can use his purchase.
Now let’s consider the sale of any content:
1. The user puts the goods for sale at their price, or at the price offered by the trading platform.
1. The amount of goods between bidders is stipulated.
2. The system transfers the money to the seller.
3. The purchaser acquires a license for the purchased product.
In the end, we will highlight the peculiarities of this project:
-Global, the project is comprehensive, as it is directly related to the online gaming industry, and this industry, as far as we remember, develop at an incredible rate
-The finished product, Asobimo company has been developing games for more than 15 years, has a huge number of downloads and incredible experience
-the license, the buyer receives the certificate for the goods after purchase and also can choose to buy the goods from the manufacturer or at cheaper price from other users.
Token information:
• Name ABX
• Price of one token 0.01 dollar
• Platform ERC-20
• Maximum issue of 16.5 billion tokens

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