AstorGame Decentralized Games, Sports Betting and Casino using Blockchain, Smart Contracts + Provably Fair

ASTORGAME  will change the world of eSports and betting with online gambling platform eSport and developed using cutting edge technology which, in accordance with the user profile, can choose between gaming and betting. If you are the player eSports, you can use the platform to follow eSports matches and tournaments such as the League of Legends game, FIFA 17, Dota 2, counter-strike, Halo Battlegrounds and Player unknown, among many others to be added . overtime. If you choose to place bets on the event or tournament, eSports, sports, casino games, or games of chance, then it can go into a platform of betting, Casino, lottery or developed specifically for this particular client profile.

Sports betting and Online Casino
This is the second platform that forms the , where clients can do it bets on a wide variety of contest sports such as football, basketball, etc. We plan on providing a service that could compete at the global level will make it possible to put a live bet. Furthermore, the user will be able to enjoy a variety of
Online casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. Bet direct allows the placement of bets in many markets and the placement of a bet stakes are innumerable number of every second of it. Also, web response time will be high, and events will be updated in real time.

At AstorGame, we plan on offering efficient service, good chance, and real and immediate payment using smart contracts, we can offer this service to people around the world without the need for a third party to confirm bets and make payments and gifts transfer. If the bettor placing bets on football matches or boxing match, the platform will open the smart contracts and keep the stakes there. This will automatically verify the result, and in accordance with the prize pot will be transferred to the winner.
This is one goal that we strive for in AstorGame: to provide good customer service, reliable, fast, and secure.
Global Market growth in sports betting

Contract security and Smart
These two concepts are the basis of the changes we made to the AstorGame for gaming and betting sector. At any time, the funds paid by the AstorGame players will be protected by contract, which says that if there is any, between players and bettors, ten thousand users in the web platform and attacked or, for some reason, go offline, the funds will be automatically returned to their respective owners through smart contracts.

This platform will allow the entries recorded in blockchain and allows use of smart contracts to manage business logic, schedule payment of prizes, collect payments for tickets, betting, and images, and the schedule of tournaments and results. All these data are public and can be verified at any time.

Very Fair
Drivers Casino and lottery players often feel uncertain as to whether the House was deceiving them by manipulating the results. At AstorGame, we use a variety of technologies to address these issues. One of them, Provably Fair, allows the client to verify that each game was played following the rules and that these values have not been modified by a third party to place them at a disadvantage.
Currently, encryption technology is helpful in encoding a series of value, whether it be text, numeric, or alphanumeric, thus preventing anyone from “solving” the result and change it. Encrypted value will be retrieved from the user’s browser that will not be known by the server AstorGame.

Smart + Very Fair Contract
Possible that Provably Fair is already used in some online casinos, but no online casinos that offer both applied technology at the same platform. Recommended usage and CSRNG, which generate random numbers, does not warrant that the Casino will give you a gift legally or funds in accordance with these pots will not be lost. This is where smart contract becomes more important, because it can be program so that the pot betting will be maintained until it is known whether a user has won the pot. If a user WINS, there is no way for the owners of the casinos to keep a pot or delaying payment, as happened in many houses of gambling, which is why we at AstorGame was the first to combine of these platforms for the benefit of our clients.

How about selling the token:
As many as 100 million ASTOR token to be issued. This token is compatible with ERC20 based on Ethereal. There will be no additional problems! After the end of the sale, all the tokens will not be implemented would be burned.

Because the main purpose of the company is in 10 years to become the leading online gambling companies in the world market. And it would be great. It’s not even hard to be summarized. This project is very promising. So, how do I combine what is needed by a large number of people, and most importantly thanks to technology that was introduced into the project, it must gain the trust of users 100%

The growth of the internet and mobile devices with quick access to the opportunities there are to make bets, generally speaking, far more accessible. Satellite television channels and live football game coverage that extends across the world has increased the interest and access and with it has come the widespread use of bet-liveets, through which people can bet money on the action as it happens For example, people can bet on who will score points, with the next chance it fluctuates with the flow of the game.

Sports betting is the only form of the game that the level of participation increased in the last decade owned (Gainsbury dkk, 2014). About 13% of the adult Australia already bet on sports (Hing, Gainsbury dkk, 2014). The amount of spending tripled between during the period of 2005 – 2017, and sustainable growth is predicted. (Deloitte, 2012; Joint Select Committee for Gambling Reform [JSCGR]). This growth is accompanied by the widespread advertising of television sports and live bets, as well as the transmission through the media are far more recently such as the Internet, mobile platforms, social media, and other means of communication.


Token Distribution
crowdsale 77%
the development team of 20%
Bounty 3%
use of funds
the development of 25%
marketing 25%
illiquid assets 20%
Fund houses a 10%
legal issues 10%
operation 10%
Token AstorGame
As many as 100 million token Astor will be issued without an extra token. This token is compatible ERC20 based on blockchain ethereum

The Name Token: ASTOR
Protocol of the project: ERC20
Total: 100 million = 100%
Sales: 60 million Token = 60%
Pre-sale: 17 million = 17%
Start date (Pre-Sale): Jan 10, 2018
The number of tokens per person: not limited

Pre-sale Details
Pre-sale period: 14 days
Start date: Jan 10, 2018 00:00 UTC
End date: Jan 23, 2018 (or until sold out)
Token available on pre-order sale: 17 million
Price: 1 ETH = 670 ASTOR
Number of transactions: 1 min ASTOR

Sales Details
Sales period: 45 days Token
Start date: Jan 29, 2018 00.00 UTC
End date: Mar 14, 2018 (or until sold out)
Available on token Token Sale: 60 million
Price: 1 ETH = 670 ASTOR
Number of transactions: 1 min ASTOR


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