Atomic Wallet is Designed as Multicurrency Light Wallet

Atomic Wallet  – Welcome. This review will be dedicated to the new blockchain project Atomic Wallet. Every day, a week a month there are more and more new blockchain-projects and accordingly, there is more and more various cryptocurrency. That is why cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy at the moment. This increase in popularity and the use of digital assets accordingly leads to “technology improvement” for hacking your wallets, the risk of freezing without cause and political risks. and accordingly, there is a need to combine this cryptocurrency in one purse so that it was easier to work with them: buy, sell, Exchange.
Atomic Wallet-is a purse for the cryptocurrency, which will suit all major operating systems in the market today: Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian
Features of Atomic Wallet Wallet
The difference between Atomic Wallet wallet and others is the developed decentralized Atomic swap Exchange, which can be used to make cross-swap and avoid the dangers that may Atomic Wallet arise when using third-party software. Developers claim that their technology and end-to-end encryption ensure the absolute the security of their wallet usage. Only the user can control and manage the assets on the wallet. Also, the purse supports 300 + cryptocurrency. Simplicity and convenience of such purse will allow you to refuse necessity of application of additional purses. To meet the needs of its users, the platform will be constantly added new coins.
The developers analyzed similar projects and tried to Atomic Wallet  create the most common and understandable user interface and implement the best security system. You no longer have to make a huge effort to manage your digital assets. Everything became simple, understandable and the most reliable.
The main functions of the atom Swap:
1. ad-hoc ordering
2. Instant and reliable data transfer through the created Atomic Distributed Order Book, protected from spam and fraud
3.fixed Fee for transactions (lowest among purses) each party pays 0.0002 BTC and 0.0001 LTC for the exchange of BTC-LTC for any number of coins
4.placing orders do not freeze the user’s assets
5. A trade ban on offline traders
6. Manual Control
7. The possibility of cancellation of execution by the applicant.
1.functional Wallet is very attractive for users. This is achieved by the lack of intermediaries and building on several blockchain platforms.
2. Embedded Security Tools
3.high level of team qualification. They are experts with experience in the field of it, business development, product development, and most importantly in the creation and promotion of exchanges and crypto-purses
4. The advisers of the project have become such known in the Cryptosphere people, as Charlie Shrem, Simon Dickson, Paul Sokolov.
Cryptocurrency and ICO Project
The platform token is AWC created on the Ethereum platform and the ERC20 standard.
Total Released: 100 million coins.
The value of 1 coin against the US dollar: 1AWC = 0.3 USD.
Only ETH are accepted for payment.
The minimum amount required to start work, Softcap: 5 million USD
The maximum amount required to implement the project: 23,000,000 USD
Private sale of coins has already begun. It will end the 01.09.2018 year. After the pre-sale will begin to Crowdsell. A total of 65 million coins were allocated for private sale and crowd selling. Another 65 million will be allocated for the remaining sales. It is planned to transfer 2 million coins to the airdrop. To get coins you need to activate the purse and perform the specified tasks.
What operations can be carried out with the purse:
To receive and import assets, to move assets in a purse, using secret keys, storage of secret keys in encrypted form, transfer of assets, ability to choose Crypto node, possibility to choose blockchain.
The basis of the wallet is based on SPV or simplified check of payments. Users of wallets will be able to save time spent on synchronization of Blockchains.
Conclusion : 
Atomic Wallet  Cryptocurrency is a huge market, which is rapidly growing. The experts estimate that its growth will reach more than 30% for the 2023 year. Approximately market is estimated at 180 billion USD.
As for Atomic Wallet, there are now several blocks of projects that perform similar functions. namely modern protection against attacks, transaction speed, and support of more than 300 different cryptocurrencies. Also, it should be added separately that the project is practically in the last stage of development. The project impressed me with two things: high level of specialists and experience of the team, as well as a serious level of technological solutions. However, the complexity can arise in the promotion of the project in the market and the fight against competitors who have already released the finished product. Without a powerful marketing company, it will be difficult to promote a new, even very good product. Let’s hope that soon they will be able to run the project in the work because the idea of the project looks pretty strong, as well as a lot of functionality has already been implemented. Pre-sale has already begun. We will follow the news and wait for the Crowdsale.

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