Availcom – New-Generation Platform ofkey-Lesshousing Rent in The World Based on Blockchain

Availcom – Have you tried to have your own apartment, house or car for a certain period of time? I think so. Each of us faced with the rent and knows that it is quite convenient and relatively cheap. You get the desired area at your disposal and do not overpay for rooms in hotels or for taxis, which from foreigners take two, and then three times more expensive. All this is very good, but also there were not without the problems, which knock us out of the rut. 
For example, when you rent an apartment you can easily encounter such problems as Mismatch description in the ad, inflated cost, no photo (which is impossible to determine the condition of apartments), unfriendly and very strict Owners who only allowed to have a sleep or just sit. This is depressing and everyone who rents an apartment, a car in their own city or abroad wants to get the desired comfort and do not bother about all these problems. 
So, the question becomes as follows: Where to find a house or a car on comfortable conditions for me? Of course, there are a lot of services that can help you find all this, but! Availcom The fact that the description of the operating conditions on these platforms is either incomplete or, as often happens, is not at all. Fortunately, this problem was thought over by the project availcom and it is ready to offer us a solution that will simplify our search for housing or transport. So let’s look at this project.
What is this project? 
Availcom is an innovative platform with a wide functionality that is based on blockchain technology. It is the blockchain that will bring this platform popularity and importance in their market segment. Availcom will open us a huge pile of tools for renting out or transport, and do it on such conditions, which no company can (in a positive sense, of course).  
Platform Availcom is a completely new understanding of renting a living space or transport, because the platform will use its token, thanks to which the commissions will be minimal, and accordingly overpay you will be much less. Plus, the platform availcom offers you direct communication with the landlord, which eliminates the third parties and gives the opportunity to still save.
Platform Advantages: The Availcom platform has a number of advantages, thanks to which the platform will become one of the best platforms in this segment. So let’s take a look at some basic points of the platform’s advantages:  Security:
Thanks to the excellent work of the team and the technology blockchain, the platform is safe enough and the storage of tokens on it will not cause any problems. 
 Work directly:
Third of a person, such as agencies or whole companies, is excluded. Now all contacts with the landlord are made directly. 
 Interface:
A great interface has been developed, thanks to which each user can understand the work on the platform. 
 Commissions:
With the availcom token will be eliminated giant commissions and you will no longer overpay. All this is due to the fact that the company Availcom does not earn on commissions. She only earns on selling her tokens.

Availcom  I want to note that already a lot of companies have tried to achieve such a result as availcom, but few have ever succeeded, but it is availcom will soon show that they are worthy of the right to take their place in the rental market. Thanks a lot for your attention. All links will be slightly lower. With you, as always, was cunning lis999. Bye, everyone.

Website : https://availcom.io
Whitepaper : https://goo.gl/36q7xL
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4646093
Тelegram: https://t.me/availcom
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1767794666861677
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComAvail
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOnBYX6ftBxMnMjjfxAEgRA
Medium: https://medium.com/@availcom
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/availcom
Github: https://github.com/AvailCom/availible-comfort.git

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