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Availcom – I can say with confidence that almost every subscriber of my blog at least once tried to rent a property for a certain time. In fact, renting a property while traveling or for a long stay is a great solution. However, here almost immediately raises the question: how to find a good home for yourself? In such a question there is nothing surprising because to find a really good option in modern conditions is not easy at all. For example, somewhere seriously bites the cost, there are questions about the quality of housing or on the doorstep meet the owners, who do not want to have a business.

Another serious problem is the description mismatch. Then the project availcom certainly will be a discovery for each person. The main feature of this project is that it is one of the most interesting and promising. After all, thanks to him, anyone without much difficulty will be able to rent an apartment for himself for a minimum cost and with good conditions. What is availcom platform availcom is rightfully one of the most promising and interesting? This is not surprising, as this platform opens the possibility without much difficulty to find for yourself the options for renting housing or cars.

The platform is built on the technology blockchain so it can be called one of the most perspective and interesting in its segment. That is, thanks to this platform you can easily rent a house in a few minutes. Availcom also boasts a fairly simple interface that can pleasantly surprise every person in our territory. And if you mark other features of this platform, you should understand that it is decentralized. That is, the management is performed not by the developers, but by the technology blockchain, namely this and greatly enhances the capabilities of the platform.

How everything works the principle of availcom platform is extremely simple. And this is connected with the fact that the developers are trying to create one universal idea-the ability to communicate directly with customers and landlords.

That is, absolutely all participants receive direct communication that will allow in any situation to find a common language. In addition, one more important advantage is the extremely low commissions, which are not to be met in our market. In fact, it is not surprising that most platforms are trying to make money from the Commission, as this is their main source of income.

With availcom, the situation is reversed, since this platform only receives revenue from tokens that work inside the platform. In addition, certain benefits are also opened for regular users. Also, there is no need to pay money for the placement of advertisements. And this is an important advantage that nobody can leave indifferent.

The advantages of the platform highlight some of the main advantages of the availcom platform:
1. Extremely low commissions, which will certainly attract a large number of users around the world.
2. The technology of blockchain works inside the platform.
3.developed the simplest interface.
4.find the perfect option for renting is possible in just a few minutes.
5. The platform unites all participants.
6.many options for Real estate.

 The Pre-ICO starts on August 15, ending on September 15  Start of the main sales on January 15, 2019, and till February 15
 Name-AVL
 Built on the platform-ERC-20
 Price-1 AVL = 0.03 USD
 Soft Cap is-3 million USD
 Hard Cap is now-25 million USD
 Payment is accepted-ETH, BTC, WAVES, DASH, USD

Conclusion :
Availcom is a platform that is able to open up completely new opportunities for the removal of real estate for all participants. However, it is necessary to understand clearly that the team will have to do enough difficult work to attract users. And only after that, it is possible to speak for its real success. Accordingly, the platform is one of the most interesting, but its implementation is quite complex.

Website : https://availcom.io
Whitepaper : https://goo.gl/36q7xL
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Тelegram: https://t.me/availcom
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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOnBYX6ftBxMnMjjfxAEgRA
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