Azbit – Regulatory pressure on banks and payment systems

Azbit – Today there is no such hype around ICO. Control within projects is tightened, and investors take a more serious approach to the choice of project, weighing all possible risks. Cryptocurrency market is moving to the regulation with the correct steps. Certain rules are established within the market of cryptocurrency, the flow of funds is put under serious control. This often leads to a stop of the project or some of its functionals.

The Azbit project team has been working for a long time just to expand the functionality of the service. During the creation, the project was thoroughly checked by the consultants, which can be a good advantage for investors in the future.

The main objectives of the Azbit project:
Formation of open legalized business systems
Establishment of relations with regulatory bodies
Creating minimum legal risks
Creating trust and transparent relationships

What’s complicated about regulation?
Regulation in the world of cryptocurrency, for today, a very acute problem. The legislature cannot come to a consensus in placing an order in tokens. Despite the fact that regulators are sufficiently active in their work and development, it remains impossible to satisfy the requirements of certain laws. At the same time, there is a situation that pressure regulators are forcing projects to change their jurisdictions to fend off persecution.

Azbit Project Solution.
The main project of Azbit easily solved the issue of available regulations when it began to be developed in the European jurisdiction, which gave the opportunity to enter the classical markets absolutely easily and without obstacles. The company additionally creates subsidiaries, which will have their own regulation and necessary functionality. One of the main tasks of the project team is to enter 10 leaders.

Problems with banking.
On its background, the banks expose their weaknesses, which causes a large number of problems and strong confrontation between the two sides: banks and cryptocurrency projects.

The reason was a failure to comply with the established rules.
Service of cryptocurrency projects by banks is not always available. Even opening a simple account was impossible.
The solution from Azbit.
The project team is engaged in the issue of obtaining its personal banking license, Azbit  which will later solve most of the problems in working with banking institutions. Already at the moment, the project Azbit has a Czech license Payment Institution. And then the team is set to obtain a license from the European Union.

ICO Terms
The team of the project Azbit considers its further development and arranges presentations in the countries of Europe, Asia, and America. While all the conditions are discussed in the closed version, but the successful completion of the negotiations will be communicated to the general public. The possibility of participation in the project of investors from the USA is considered.
The Azbit project will release tokens-Azbit (AZ), which would be an internal payment instrument.
Terms ICO azbit:
 A closed sale will take place from 1-30 September
 From 1-31 October the preliminary ICO will be held
 From November 15 to December 31 – the main ICO
The project team has created a special program to attract more customers. Under this program, partners will receive 10% of the invested amount in AZ or ETH.
* * Also the company Azbit became one of the sponsors of the major summit on Blockchain Technologies-Consensus 2018. **

Conclusion :
The Azbit projectwas created with the resolution of important moments in work with cryptocurrency. It is a fairly promising project with a strong team of experts and advisors.The project team has a great task to adapt its marketing plan with expanded functionality and to provide legal support in countries where this opportunity was not. The main task of the project is the possibility for users and cryptocurrency projects to use full convenient functionality for investment and training.

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