BaapPay Multi-Layered Platform Which Features a Payment Gateway

BaapPay – Credit card usage is of great importance in our daily lives. Wherever we go, we can shop using our credit cards. A lot of people don’t carry cash anymore. The number and volume of cryptocurrencies are increasing gradually but there is virtually no use of everyday life such as credit cards. With the Baappay project, which will be the solution to this problem, we can now use the crypto funds like the same credit card.
Baappay allows the account holder to use a credit card, debit card, Cryptomoney, and bank account by linking them to a single interface. In this way, the usage area will be considerably higher. Users will be able to use it wherever they want and exchange their wishes.
I think this project will benefit customers quite well. In the very near future, we will be able to see the baappay option between payment options when you are shopping from the Internet. and by choosing Baappay, we will pay in seconds and by the products we receive. Isn’t that really awesome?
Baappay will appear as traditional electronic payment systems, but the crypto money and blockchain flow protocols will be used in its infrastructure. The Baappay gateway is designed to be a similar interface to PayPal. Allows vendors to receive payments with real money or crypto money for their goods and services. Furthermore, the BAAP wallet can also be downloaded and used anywhere from the computer or device.
Traders will be able to use the integrated point-of-sale software available through a Web browser, mobile phone or smart terminal. The POS system is a fully integrated software for business management. Thanks to POS ‘ functional interface, each participant will provide unlimited access to the platform via the Internet.
Baappos software is specially designed for traders who want to perform a variety of advanced tasks, such as tracking employees at work locations with many employees. Smart POS and Mobile POS will be used as a payment terminal created by the company to sell in various directions. Developed with many modern features, these applications are available for download from the application store.
Baappay is a multilevel platform with its own payment gateways, trading software, and Baapworld application store. They believe that along with the adoption of Kriptokokka, the Hereafter in the life of business and consumers, will be a point; Buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies will become a part of everyday life.
A payment gateway is a PayPal interface that allows sellers to collect fiat or cryptocurrency payment for their goods and services. It also accepts regular debit or credit card payments.
By using the POS Web interface, users will also have access to the online sales system, which is delivered free of charge with a payment gateway. POS enables merchants to integrate both Fiat and cryptocurrency into sales, inventory, loyalty, and tracking tools to track employees, use multiple locations, and more.
The reality is that most businesses today do not have the necessary tools to accept payment from customers using cryptocurrency. Also business does not want to accept volatility of Kriptovaljutnogo market that can lead to huge risks of the business. However, baappay this changes.
Baappay believes that the adoption of cryptocurrency increasingly penetrates the business and everyday life, there will be a point in which the purchase, sale and trade of cryptocurrencies will be inevitable. The payment platform is built to work with the existing credit card infrastructure, including credit. The platform is designed to work with the existing credit card infrastructure, including credit and debit cards, and will include payment processing protocols and kriptovaljutnye flows similar to conventional electronic payment systems.

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