BaapPay Platform That Integrates Both Fiat and Cryptocurrency Payment Services for Merchants

BaapPay Platform That Integrates Both Fiat and Cryptocurrency Payment Services for Merchants

BaapPay is a multi-platform layer with the payment gateway is built, sales and software application store BaapWorld. BaapPay believes that as the cryptocurrency adoption of enterprise penetration further and the lives of consumers, there will be a point at which to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency will become a part of daily life.

Payment platform is built to work with the existing infrastructure, including the payment platform of credit card is designed to work with the credit card infrastructure currently consists of credit card and debit card and will regarding the Protocol for payment processing and Cryptococcus line similar to electronic payment systems.

This idea will allow accepting code faster and easier and is regarded as a platform for major payments, which will allow the transaction to increase the level of convenience to accept the secret code.

At this time, no major payment processors would try to integrate cryptocurrency into the current payment system. However, BaapPay believe that integrating the traditional payment system along with the password team will create great opportunities for consumers and business owners. Therefore, the BaapPay plan to work with the Government of each country to obtain necessary licenses in each specific country. or the area. whether it is a payment processor or an ISO below is a list of the partners can BaapPay will try.

To continue to develop the platform, BaapPay will held token distribution, in which BaapPay will provide 94 million BAAP card. Revenue from sales of token that will be used to promote POS software, integrated smart terminals, the subsequent progress of the port includes two encoding page for the portal, application and payment gateways to token BAAP.

BAAP contract TOKEN smarter allows the customer’s transaction was funded through a group liquidity. This protocol eliminates the need for each payment was written independently on a blockchain, and buy the goods fast.

BaapPay is a payment gateway like PayPal interface allows merchants collect payments fiat or cryptocurrency for goods and services.
The merchant will also have access to web-based sales system, free with our payment gateway. POS will allow merchants to integrate both the term and the combination of sales accounting, inventory, the loyal tool and allows them to keep track of employees, using multiple locations and much more.

Store BaapWorld Android-based applications. Devs will be able to download our simple SDK to create applications using the functionality of the equipment and our consumers to be able to access their favorite Android application.

BaapPay will make the big secret, such as ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH and BAAP Tokens of our own. BaapPay will always review the secrets that need to be added to our platform, and we will listen to the feedback from both the consumer and the seller about the common code is the most popular requests that we can not yet be listed on time at that point.

Peer-to-Peer transactions for both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Payment for online purchases using credit card/debit card or your password. The merchant has an option to automatically convert cryptocurrency into fiat or keep cryptocurrencies, which they can then spend or conversions as cryptocurrency.

The buyer-seller: BaapPay will connect with a credit card, Debit Card, passwords and various bank accounts in one interface, thus allowing account holders to transfer funds through an account. The seller can add buy button/order BaapPay on their web page, and the blog within minutes

Basic information about the ICO BaapPay
Token: BAAP
Sale price: 1ETH = 4200 BAAP
Bounty: Available
Technology platform: Ethereum
Accepted payment: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, USD, XRP
Country: Canada
Whitelist/KYC: None
Restricted areas: USA, Canada, The Republic of China or Singapore


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