BABB Native Cryptocurrency – Online and in Any Country Using The Black Card

BABButilizing blockchain, biometric and machine learning to offer revolutionary. decentralized banking services for people around the world. Regardless of his background, location or income, BABB would offer United Kingdom bank account to anyone in this world, help increase financial inclusion and social integration, as well as empowering the local community.

Of the economy to generate wealth for himself.
We will connect people and businesses with a new global financial system without friction that revolutionized the ecosystems existing microeconomic through advances in technology, social, and economic regulations. By combining social connectivity with an easily accessible banking (social banking), we build a global banking network that encourages international cooperation and
interracial community involvement.

Essentially, the bank building decentralized BABB are powered by blockchain,
operate a full backup and integrate digital currencies around the world. UK Regulated, Global Bank Accounts based on Blockchain BABB will offer a bank account in the platform BABB, United Kingdom, in accordance with available to all persons or businesses that qualify in the world, instantly, without the need United Kingdom addresses or credit history

To open a bank account in United Kingdom with BABB all you need is a valid ID document like a passport or National ID CARD.
Access to basic account services are available, those who do not have documentation of identity just by using biometric authentication and peer-verification from someone who completely identified.

We utilize technology to facilitate blockchain movement of fiat currency
anywhere in the world instantly, cheaply and safely. Through tokenisasi, BABB could host any fiat currency on the platform, as well as our own original crypto, BAX. We rely on technology and innovation to provide a bank account which is orders of magnitude less expensive, easy to use, secure and most importantly-be accessible to all.

Open Your account with BABB
BABB with the application, you can open a bank account in United Kingdom from anywhere in the world by taking selfie and pronounce the passphrase.
Once you enter the ecosystem BABB, you become your own bank. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in global markets BABB.

Send money
You can send money to other BABB users anywhere in the world instantly and almost at no cost.
Simply select the amount you want to send and the person you want to send it, and confirm the transfer using your digital identity.

Exchange money
As a bank, you can exchange the currency directly without intermediaries. It’s cheaper, faster and easier than doing it the other way.
First, select the number of coins that you want to rate and select the currency you need. BABB directly find all people around where you could partner up, and keep you in touch. If you want to keep going, tap and make it happen.

The user will be given a card BABB named Black Card that can be used to spend the currency is supported in any country. Biometric technology installed at the BABB solves the problem of identity for people without ID issued by the Government by allowing open a bank account by taking the “selfie” and pronounce a sentence.

BABB will give many benefits to its users.
How it works
Retailers can accept payment using the card BABB just by downloading the application BABB and scan the QR code or via NFC. Payments are made directly to the retailer’s bank account and the funds can be immediately used.

With the black card you could spend Your BAX in stores and peer-to-peer. Payment can be done instantaneously, anywhere in the world or for online shopping.
Billions of individuals do not have access to card services. Costs related to facilitate traditional card payment service is very expensive. However, the black card to operate independently of the legacy systems. Therefore, the transactions were made cheaper, faster, and more efficient; give everyone access to a payment card that is linked to their bank account.
Safety and comfort
No personal information is stored on the card itself. If Your card is lost, you can easily let go of your bank account, preventing other people use it-all from your Smartphone. If you find that card again, simply scan the QR code through the application and connect Your BABB returns to the bank account of your BABB.

The availability of
A new card will be available very inexpensively at stores and from major online retailers with next day delivery. As an alternative, take a backup of a friend, scan the QR code with the application of your BABB and you’re good to go.

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