BAZISTA-New generation Trading Platform for C2C and B2C based Blockchain

BAZISTA As we know technology very rapidly growing continuously create a solution innovation for the whole world in order to improve the quality of life. The most widely used technologies is an internet function to informsi exchanging between users. The Internet can be a place for you to print out all your inspiration. And as we now know all of these things can be accessed with internet 20 years ago the internet was only used for programming and computer geeks only. But this time the new tech that is digital or financial blockchain have been very rapidly growing rapidly. It can be seen from the price of the bitcoin so soaring and even bitcoin already exists all the State.

Not only that, even so many cryptocurencies that keeps popping up even rival champions. Terms of land makes many companies compete in the technology-based project Blockchain. and many projects which provide a market-based technology platform blockchain. However, there is currently no platform that provides buy what technology-based bockchain. And the current pembelajaan or the online market began to grow rapidly as well. because the online marketplace will be more profitable than offline market with its online marketplace where the sellers are very lucky because they do not need to pay the rent shop or pay taxes.

Therefore a new project innovate to provide a marketing platform where we can buy anything there using the IE platform crypto financial Bazista. Bazista is a market that offers easy and reliable way to exchange goods and services to more than 5 different digital assets. Even Bazista try to combine market e-commerze with blockchain technology that decentralized, because E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing technology markets in the world. The rapid growth was mainly caused by the use of broadband is widely (fixed and mobile) are quick to the internet.

The purpose of the Bazista
In addition to creating a market-based e-commerce blockchain Bazista also aim to create a simple and secure platform that enables the exchange of goods and services, with a variety of infrastructure solutions that are offered to users and holders of kriptocurrency and digital assets. so users no longer worry about the security of this transaction because using crypto and digital assets for the settlement of transactions between users of our platform ensures the transparency of transactions and create a way to cleverly making money because it utilizes user activity on the internet. Where Bazista created a platform aimed at the exchange of B2C and C2C who use new technologies for the settlement of accounts between users. The service allows users to easily swap goods and services necessary for the user to interact with the kriptourrency with other platforms. Since the main purpose of crypto is to make payments, in particular, with the the purpose of conducting transactions related to the buying and selling of goods and services, which is a key aspect of human economic activity.

The Advantage Of Using Bazista
For Buyers
Transform your digital assets into tangible goods and services. Yangbersahabat interface will simplify your experience.

For Sellers
Receive a variety of technical and marketing tool for selling their goods quickly and in terms of deposit tokens to get rid of the need to pay commissions when selling

Much appreciated to help product sales to users of other platforms.

Advantages of Bazista
The cost to 0% quality
The existence of this feature you can save up to 13% Commission charge against key players in the market B2C and C2C.

Sell products from other users and get coins together! So you can get more profits.
Digital assets
Payment of goods and services will be accepted at more than 5 digital assets. so as to facilitate you in your pembelialan or sales because of transactions you will be faster.

The reliability of the
Support transaction at every stage so that the transaction will become more safe and reliable.

How It Works Bazista
Full integration of digital assets guarantees the transparency of transactions and reduce the time and cost of finance. Centralized support will provide the aid delivery, deal monitorin, and user rating, in addition to ensuring that the goods and services that are not sold in a limited platform.

Now you can enjoy the usability of the platform not just desktop through Bazista but now already exists in the application of mobile phone, so it will facilitate you in sales or purchase transactions anywhere and anytime. As for the features of the application of mobile phone

Register you register early to include name, email, phone number, and addres and you have to verification your account in order to make security more secure.
Ad posting in platform users can post their ads but for users who haven’t verified every posting their ads will mebayar of $200 per month.
Payment of the goods on this platform bazista using one-click system where users just click “buy” and the buyer can choose the items they wish to purchase, buyers can know what kind of accepted payment for the item.
Complete the transaction After a deal made between the seller and the buyer, the amount necessary to complete the transaction will be blocked (deposited) on the platform until the transaction is marked as completed by the buyer. On the conditions of the standard, the requirements of this deposit must not exceed 45 days in a row, and if the buyer does not mark the transaction completed or open disagreement with respect to any transactions run during that period, the payment will be released automatically from the deposit to the seller.

Token Bazista
Bazista using the tech Blockchain Etheral smart contract system with type ERC20 with symbol BZS. by using the token BZS makes users in transacting e-commerce market. BZS token can be used to enter the platform from Bazista, so you can enjoy the various services or share features of the Bazista platform.

Token Details
Name Of Company: Bazista Platform
Symbol: BZS
The price of tokens: ditargen prices worth 1ETH = 11,000 BZS
Total token: as for the total supply will be made around 440 million BZS
Sale token: the Token will go on sale at Pre-ICO 16 November 2017

Advantages Of Token BZS
The developer, founder of the Bounty program and participants will get charged in token BZS
Create a partnership with developers from outside allows the use of token BZS in return for their services.
Get the token as a reward participation in the referral program.
Get access to the extra platform, participating in a special promotion campaign, and get premium status in Exchange for a token.
Exchanging tokens for different types of automation, and adjustment accounts for sellers with good
Discounts on all services platform when using a token

Token Distribution
Of the total of token will daloksikan was labelled an follows:

BZS 321 200 000 (73%) will be available for crowdsale
66,000 BZS (15%) will remain with the team Bazista
BZS 17 600 000 (4%) is a backup for a marketing campaign in the platform
BZS 13 200 000 (3%) can be obtained in the pre-ICO
BZS 13 20 0 000 (3%) will be given to project Advisor
BZS 8 800 000 (2%) will be paid in campaign gifts

Pre-ICO Bazista
Pre-order the ICO will take place on November 16, 2017. Where each  a token at the moment kan get a 30% discount. And in the development of the project bazista program provides an offer to involve a few investors, if the target is not achive then finance from investors will be returned. At the time of Pre-ICO price token around 1ETH = 11,000 BZS. With a target total token available was about 13.2 million BZS.

Crowd Sale Bazista
At the time Crowdsale Bazista will sell as many as token total 321.2 million BZS, with an offer of bonus at the time of another description, Crowdsale
In the day’s 1st-3rd day get bonus 30%
On a day to day 11-ke4 get bonuses of about 20%
On the day of days to 23 ke18 get bonus 10%
On the day of days ke28 ke24 get bonus 5%
On day 29 don’t get bonus
Of the proceeds of the token when the Crowdsale funds will be distributed as follows:
55% of the funds collected will be used for the development of the platform
35% is a marketing budget
10% will cover administrative costs, costs of legal support, etc.

Team Bazista
Team member
Vakhtang Abuladze-CEO
Denis Sholokhov-CMO
Maxim Orlov-CTO
Mikhail Kokin-Graphic/UX designer
Team Advisor
aTriz-Campaign Advisor
Denis Kurilchik-Crowdsale Advisor
Vladislav Bermuda-Marketing Advisor

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