BETEX Blockchain Technology Provides Open Access to Information at All Time

BETEX – Powered by smart contract Ethereum , brings undeniable transparency, fair behavior, and audible result to binary options trading. With Betex, the traders will be placing bets with each other and never against or other intermediary platform provider. Built with Blockchain technology, unlike traditional platform, Betex will provide access to real-time data, so as to ensure the transparency of the system absolutely. So there is no doubt that all users are treated equally and fairly.

Users will form a single pool of liquidity together for each underlying asset in order to maximize the benefits of the users. The Commission platform only 5%, liquidity will be derived from the combined brokerage and broker will integrate to the platform through the mechanism of a white label. This is the only platform, where as many as 95% of funds distributed among the traders who made the correct assumption. 2.5% (half of the Commission platform 5%) of the total rotation of the platform will be distributed among the holders of a token amount, in accordance with BETEX tokens they have.

Betex is the leading platform for the trading of financial derivatives of P2P. This lets users place a bet on future changes to each other. As a platform provider, we can’t get involved in betting. Thus, there is no way for us to make use of them. We only benefit from collecting service charges. Built with Blockchain technology, unlike traditional platform, Betex provides access to real-time data, so as to ensure the transparency of the system absolutely. Determined to reinvent the financial derivatives market, we seek to impart business logic that cannot be broken that conclusively will eliminate the problem of trust.

Blockchain technology provides open access to information at any time, thus ensuring a fully transparent process, the record accurate and equivalent requirements for everyone.
The virtues that can be permitted
Because we do not bet, there is no reason for us to manipulate the results. Whatever the outcome of your bet, we benefit from collecting service charges.
Public pools of liquidity
The goal is to consolidate a maximum liquidity of derivatives markets through the establishment of a common pool of liquidity for each asset trade, rather than creating some small assets.
White label for brokers
We use white label model to build solutions and provides services that allow minimizing the cost of entry and preparation as well as help brokers launched their business in a short time.
Instant payments
Payment is automatically released by smart contracts directly to Your wallet, ensuring the withdrawal of the ETH immediately without delay or cancellation.
There are no deposits
Platform users gain instant access to all the functions and features without having to make a deposit in advance.

Commission of 2.5% of the overall rotation of the platform is distributed among the holders of the token token Betex token value growth.
The risk hedge of trade operations;
Referral program

Commission of 2% of the turnover of a REALTOR.
BETEX token sales started on March 1, 2018 and will last until March 31, or 3 million BETEX sold out. The price of Tokens will be $3. The hard cap is $9 million. All participants will go through a minimum of 0.5, buy KYC ETH or 0.05 BTC.
The token will be registered with the SEC after ICO ended, after which direct payments and trade will begin.

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