BGX Driven by an Unprecedented Algorithm

BGXI am pleased to realize that I live in a century where development does not stand still. Technology is growing stronger and stronger every day. There are unique opportunities for us and I am happy to share with you the projects that move our world forward.

It is a decentralized platform that is a multifunctional processing platform designed for mobile gaming. It’s a powerful AI that’s different from other platforms. This platform is unique because it uses one of the most advanced integrated platforms in the mobile gaming market.
One of the innovative gaming platforms BGX is designed to solve several problems for the development and functioning of the market. Scaling and popularization of computer and mobile Internet games, development, development and distribution of game applications for various devices: both Android and IOS. Transactions with fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Ensuring cost-effectiveness due to low commission payments. Creating a virtual wallet for the player and adapting it to the needs of this category of users. Ensuring the safety and transparency of cash flows within the platform. And a lot of other positive things.
As we know artificial intelligence is introducing more and more campaigns, as it greatly facilitates the processes of interaction with the platform, and today’s project was no exception. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in GBX. Thanks to this innovation the platform itself will recommend you which games are most suitable for you, will control the results of tournaments, will monitor and prevent the occurrence of fraudsters on the platform, as well as to identify and ban all Favorite Cheaters

1. The system of distribution of game applications on Android and IOS;
2. Independent processing of Fiat and crypto transactions, including overdraft support;
3. Virtual player Payment purse;
4. The subsystem for marker emission by developers;
5. Support for common monetization models;
6. Powerful artificial intelligence engine that controls current transactions and winning players.

The GBX platform will have two tokens, such a solution was taken to avoid the impact of token volatility on the economy of the entire project and to encourage investors and holders of the token.

The BGX token is the first token, it provides the ability to participate on the platform, also who holds a significant portion of the tokens will act as nodes, which support the entire ecosystem.
All BGX token holders are members of the loyalty club, which gives them the right and advantage to derive revenue from the project. Among all BGX token holders, 60% of the platform’s revenue will be distributed in proportion to the number of coins on the purse.
The BGT Coin token is the second token, which is a utility token that is intended only to make payments within the platform. BGT Coin-Can renames game developers and uses as their currency for purchases or for tournaments and sweepstakes.

The name and format of the token are BGX, ERC-20.
Issued 1 bln. Bgx.
The accepted currency is bitcoin and jefirium. The adoption of Fiat funds is limited to a technically secure and efficient process is in progress.
The sale will be-3 mln. US Dollars.
Softkap 4 mln. US Dollars.
Hardcap 50 mln. US Dollars.

This is the direction where huge changes and innovations are taking place now. In a couple of years the industry can change drastically and it is absolutely logical and correct. We need to support such projects and monitor their development. Let’s wish good luck to the developers and we will together make our world better! The project has a strong and highly qualified team, which in my opinion is able to bring the project to the highest level in the shortest possible time and I hope they will succeed.

Costa Zakharov-co-founder and operating director
Igor McNichol-director of Bizgnesa development
Valery Grips-co-founder, technical director
Frank Erg Hjekendzhos-Marketing Director
Tan Ngjuen-head of mobile communication
Von Ngjuen-Director of shipping
Alla Velikzer-Product development
Alexander Grips-Kriptofinansovyj employee
Nick Zakharov-Brand manager
Toan Trju-Product Manager

The team consists of large specialists from different industries having many years of experience. You can find the key participants on the official website, where you will find links to their personal accounts in social networks.

All information is provided for informational purposes only and does not call you to action. The author does not advise on investments and is not a financial expert. The information is not based on academic knowledge, it is the author’s own opinion. Any decisions you take about buying, selling and investing are your own responsibility. This is not an investment offer!

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