BIRAKE Provide Both Website Owners and Users of BIRAKE Exchanges network

BIRAKE is built by software vendors operating in the Websoftwarebranche since 2010. We are a real company, we have become more active in the media industry and especially in South America. We have a portfolio of software solutions and support more than 20 million users per day.

Since 2010, we have developed/implemented a worldwide content management system for various industries. So far, the financial sector and the media are the main sectors of our company. We are very experienced in forex trading and have over 5 years experience in the cryptography industry.

We have set up an automated trading system, the Exchange platform, and we have recently focused on the coding area. As traders and investors, we have overcome the excessive situation of cryptography trading platforms. Especially in 2017, there are times when more than 50% of the main encryption platforms are overloaded and closed for too long.

In addition, the BIRAKE platform, which can be successfully used in community development and new currencies, wants to participate in foreign platforms. With BIRAKE, they can even manage their own trading platforms. Our team is dedicated to this project and has over 10 years experience in the development and processing of large amounts of data and users. For more than 7 years we have been working daily with technologies such as SYMFONY3, node, NoSQL Data Store, AngularJS, ReactJS, and others. We are constantly evolving and always looking for innovative, innovative and innovative new members.

The BIRAKE Bir label is a sign of distributed Application (DAPP) that is developed above the corresponding Ethereal-block chain according to the ERC223 standard, which is an extended version of the previous ERC20 standard.

The first distribution takes place through a landmark event (TGE), where everyone can buy a bir brand for ether or Bitcoin (is considered an additional payment method).

Give a total of 300 million units with unlimited brands. TGE will distribute up to 75% of the total chip, a record of 225 million, which will be split between sales/sales (30%/45% of all available evidence).

All trademarks not signed during TGE are made in our company
The remaining 25% is shared by advertisements (15 m), bookmarks and suggestions (40 m) of developers and marketing communications (20 m). TGE is managed via the website
In general, experienced sales staff can earn 30%
Discount rate, 1 bir = 0.07 USD. The bir sign is used for a bir evaluation = USD 0.10 or equivalent to broadcast time or Bitcoin (additional payment methods are taken into account).

How to participate
Those interested in buying tokens can participate in TGE by sending an equivalent ETH and/or BTC amount to the BIRAKE portfolio created in the user account. For the first 50 million birs sold during the presale period, the participants received a 30% discount.

In The main period, a sold Token can be purchased with $0.10 bir.
The participants are expected to have a compatible ECH223 Etch portfolio, so the bir chips are credited at the end of TGE.

Our Vision
Our vision is simple. Cryptocurrency of the future, people need tools to act and use Cryptos. We want to build the largest network of foreigners. In addition, we want to allow crypto coins and ICO, the people in the industry, to create their own trading platform in a few clicks.
We strongly believe in the future of cryptocurrency and nutrition: decentralized! We believe that markets with this power can be governed by conflicts (strange or personal, very small). That’s why we think everyone should be able to create their own strangers within a few clicks and be traded for the market.

BIRAKE character Token BIR is a decentralized application (Dapp) developed Ethereum block, according to standards ERC223 an improved version of the previous ERC20 standard. Token initial distribution will be made via TGE (event activity) so that everyone buys BIR code ether or bitcoin (see additional payment method). Once the non-performing program of the industry has been rebuilt, we will ask the seller to use the BIR to lease the BIRAKE program.
The customer can pay by using the BIR for the Full software section or solution in the cryptocurrency area. Basically, you can get a full exchange program like WHITE LABEL that is paid with BIRAKE code.

Offer total = 300 million Mark BIR
TGE will allocate up to 75% of the total outstanding shares, 225 million,

Pre-Sales/sales (up to 30%/45% of the available code, respectively).

The token is divided by 25% between the remaining two
Advertising (15 million), leading developers and consultants (40 million) and marketing
Communication (20 million). TGE is managed through one
In The presale, participants can get the code with a
30% discount percentage, 1 BIR = 0.07 USD. Will the BEN codeshare?
With reviews of 1 BIR = 0.10 USD or equivalent to ether or Alpetkoan
(is considered for additional payments).
will be maintained in each symbol is not in the company’s portfolio kept TGE as proof of support for future costs for the development of working capital.

Distribution Details
Sales period before publication: 50 million
General sales period: 175 million
Marketing: 20 million
Advertisement: 15 million
Consultant and developer: 40 million

Situs web:

My Profile:;u=1324582
My Ethereum Address: