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BitBose – We can say that Bitbose is presumably the future for investing in cryptocurrency. The project has a considerable number of innovations. In fact, the idea of the project-the creation of a modern and perfect trading system, which will already be destroyed all the underdevelopment in the financial sector, which are known at this point in time. Thus, the inefficiency of the sector in question tends to be minimized. The platform is a unique and versatile solution for investors. It is intended to use blockchain technology as a force to eliminate barriers and inconsistencies in the financial environment.
What can this platform offer?
The system itself implies the existence of an intellectual program to manage the investment portfolio, including many solid components, which will give a stable passive profit from the investment. The system itself is composed of software to conduct Kriptokonkursov, so users of the project will be able to receive real income by withholding cryptocurrency funds on their account, ie not selling them. In the system it is easy to make an application for a loan – the receipt of money is almost lightning fast, as well as approval. The stakes are adequate and competitive. There are no requirements for advances. It is important that there is no requirement for the minimum amount on the account, users at any time have the right to withdraw their own funds. The Bitbose Project uses BOSE-type tokens to provide a stable income for this cryptocurrency. It is also possible to mining, miners substantiate all ongoing operations and for this receive royalties. The more miners, the safer the deal. The team of developers has created a unique crypto for the storage of BOSE coins. The team has unique experience and uses innovative technologies in the implementation of the project.
BOSE coin.
The given coin gives full transparency at carrying out of operations, it can be used for mining, cryptocurrency investments, Fiat credits. The BOSE token is fully compliant with the ERC20 (Ethereum) standard. This circumstance guarantees high speed and transparency of transactions.
The team of the project is represented by professional programmers, acting bankers, and experts in blockchain technology. In addition to the means of payment, this cryptocurrency will have different applications. BOSE token owners will be able to obtain a stable and passive profit. This currency is expected to be in demand. Initially, 300 million tokens will be traded. 210 million of them will be sent to the free distribution. The start of the public sale is scheduled for the period from July 16 to November 30. It is planned to receive BTC and ETH as a means of payment. And the specified current can be purchased both on domestic auctions and on external. The third phase of the sale is planned for mid-April 2018.
Technical details.
Marker: BOSE
Start of implementation: 16.06.2018
Closing the implementation: 30.11.2018
Total quantity: 300 million coins
Standard: ERC20
Soft Cap: 5 Million US dollars
Hard Cap: 45 million US dollars

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