BITCOIN ATOM-Cryptography happens directly on blockchain

BITCOIN ATOM Everyone’s talking about Bitcoin now and how it has increased this year. Those who do not know much about the dangers of Cryptococcus now more involved and would like to hear and experience more of it. They also want to invest. We need to focus on how we can make our lives easier, fix a few things, focus on how we can make our lives easier, faced several problems and faced some problems. We can’t imagine our life without the internet right now. There is important information on the internet that we need in the world of business or at home. No less important to note that over time, people have learned to use it in a lot more areas because they have seen the potential of what they have and how they can improve our life and business. There are Cryptocurrencies in every corner of our lives that help us all and make it an integral part of our daily lives. Currency Crypto has done something that has never been done. People use it in many areas, and the benefits and improvements that they will provide will be discussed for years. Every day many new projects added.

create an appropriate error in the world. Slowly the news about crypto currency appears in the mainstream media. More and more people want to attend this revolutionary event not seen every day. Blockchain technology delivers tremendous progress in a process that we know today, changing every aspect of the business and the lives we live. This has been recognized by people who are enthusiastic and gather in teams and are doing a startup of innovative crypto. In this way, the infrastructure is missing in the world, but also filled crypto demonstrated the value of resource utilization that is provided by this innovative technology.

will introduce the so-called surrogate atoms. This is the transaction on valve Cryptography happens directly on the blockchain stock exchange, or without! This will be done using the US fire and cross-tool chain to be added to the core code Bitcoin. Another interesting thing about the Atom is Bitcoin system Proof of Work (POW), it is a mixed system with Proof of Stake (post). POST there again to decentralize network. As for the specification of the Bitcoin Atoms, the same as in the Bitcoin. There will be a total of 21 million.


Atom is bitcoin fork blockchain Bitcoin main Protocol with upgrades that will occur in mid-December (block number TBA). On the number of blocks that have been defined, the original block of the BTC will be attached to the BCA, and any transactions made since then will be completely separate network Bitcoin and Bitcoin atoms. Then, the Atom will be living in Bitcoin mainnet and become fully functional crypto.


here to give you the basic information:
We try to bring you closer to this promising project, but to find out all the information, up to the level of detail, we recommend that you see the official blog, very detailed and clear to understand, you are a expert or beginner. in technology blockchain, which can be found at the following link:

All holders of the Bitcoin has the private key at the time of the fork (block number TBA) will accept Bitcoin Atom costing 1 BTC = 1 BCA. You need to be in control of the private key of your Bitcoin to claim and Transact Bitcoin atoms.

Now let’s take a closer look ugly crypto exchanges process through Atomic Swaps:
1. place your order in Your node

2. receive Your Crypto disorders

You can easily open Your ATOM BITCOIN nodes and immediately put the sell/buy order without any distractions or intermediaries.

The main benefit is swapped Atomic stockpiles centred

Better trades
REMOVE delay (caused by the missing deposit/withdrawals, server downtime, etc.)
RETENTION of your private key, to prevent the possibility of losing Your coins (i.e. Mountain Gox).
MINIMIZE the potential for security breaches.
Keep your personal identity (without verification process).
DECENTRALIZE the entire trading process so it is peer-to-peer.
Reduce the cost of trading is minimal as possible.
Ticker Symbol:
MaksimumBCA: 21 million
Distribution: Mining, Minting, Claiming
POW algorithm: SHA256
POW Block Interval: 10 minutes
Post Block Interval: 10 minutes
Block size (actual): 1 m (2-4 m)
The difficulties of adjustment: 2 weeks
The average confirmation time tx: 5 Minutes
Atomic swap: Yes
Segwit: Yes
Protection: Yes
Unique address format: Yes

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