Bitcoin Origin offers Blockchain-as-a-Service by Offering Transaction Fee-less, Secured Environment.

BITCOIN ORIGIN Before discussing more Bitcoin Origin, I will expose a little bit about what’s “Hard-Fork” in the world of cryptocurrency, Hard-fork is a condition when the developers of the coin a cryptocurrency agree to apply the feature or new changes to the system programming the coins. Hard-fork that aims to upgrade the network security coin and adapting to the growing number of users. 
example case hard fork ever happened is, in the hacking occurred by 2016 the DAO in the platform development team, then the Ethereum ethereum do hard fork and generate a new Altcoin called the Ethereum (ETH) and the old coin called Ethereum Classic (ETC). other examples, in 2017 performed hard for on the core network of Bitcoin which resulted in the separation of the Chain and become a new Altcoin called Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
Unlike the hard-fork which is only done on one particular platform, Bitcoin Origin aims to be able to do hard-fork on top of platform 5 cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Litecoin. The purpose of the multi-fork performed Bitcoin Origin is the serverless network to make blockchain on a private project integrated project on the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Origin will also build and enhance an existing feature on PoW (Proof of Work) cryptocurrency IE stability, functionality, utility, and lack of privacy on Pow Cryptocurrency.
What are the features of the BITCOIN ORIGIN?
Broadly speaking there are 5 features offered by Bitcoin Origin.
1. Multi-Layered
Multi-layered is a feature that allows performing the calculation of the scale on the comparison of hard-fork.
2. Multi-state
Users can either their original tokens as a reward cost and blocks, each section has its own name, its own virtual machine and also its own ecosystem supported by Bitcoin Origin.
3. Cross-Chain
Bitcoin Origin has developed a token based with tokens, thus allowing the ethereum. ethereum can be converted into a native token with the multi-state engine.
4. Proof Of Ambassador
The community of the Bitcoin Origin who holds shares of ORI token can do Vote. And will be conducting a campaign and will be rewarded in accordance with the efforts of such a campaign.
5. Serverless Blockchain
With network technology developed by Bitcoin Origin, all Member of the public has the ability to introduce their own blockchain serverless. The blockchain is part of the Origin’s Network of Bitcoin Validators (Ambassadors).
Tranched Release and Whitelisting
Bitcoin Origin will be released gradually each day are structured, to ensure orderly growth and prevent large organizations from off-loading ORI token partners exchanger. To claim the Bitcoin Origin token, holder of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, and Dash, please register the whitelist using tools claims of Bitcoin Origin.
Bitcoin Origin is Self Funded
Bitcoin Origin team have experience in founding the team and really believe in the project and has put their own capital to risk in the project. Bitcoin Origin has been funded entirely and no ICO planned for this project.
The company has explained that you will be given a token amount of ORI in equal proportions based on the number of conversion blockchain. Example: If you have 1 the BTC, which equals to $8,000 USD, you will get $8,000 USD in units of ORI Token. 0137% of total ORI Token will be generated randomly every day. This is done to ensure that coins will not lose value because it is done slowly in channeling into the market.

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