BITCOMOWe know that affiliate marketing is very instrumental in doing marketing strategy, almost all  well that large companies, medium-sized, small or individual cannot escape from an affiliate marketing. With marketing methods like this are typically the product will be more known to the wider community via the internet.

However, there are still many who misappropriated a website affiliate marketing. For example only a publisher who would like to get paid more than a website advertiser where they use the melangar method of the regulation that has been specified by the advertiser’s program with the aim to profit  himself on its own, resulting in the loss of an advertiser’s site or from online advertising.

But now there is no need to worry again for you guys the advertisers, Bitcomo will answer the disquiet advertisers so that its products more known in the market. Bitcomo is an affiliate marketing the first decentralized with support  technology Blockchain.

A recent trobosan provided by blockchain technology for online advertising, since it allows the Corporation to introduce to the public with a high ratio and certainly costs much lower than with a tool traditional marketing.

How Does Bitcomo?
How to Bimono the CPA affiliate marketing will only be based on “performance-based” only. that means advertisers pay only when they see the results and internet marketers are rewarded for individual visitors or customers gained through their own marketing efforts.

With such good Way that advertiser or Publisher ads will menguntungan each other each other. It is said that Bitcomo is designed to help businesses reduce advertising costs while meningkantkan as well as a positive impact against the advertisers themselves. Bitcomo not only know how to use technology to its full potential blockchain for marketing, they also develop an infrastructure that will make the process of marketing your surfing might be for business.

The goal of project Bitcomo?
Well, to create an affiliate marketing advertising and fraud resistant to pemabayaran problem, then they implement blockchain technology into it. That is where everyone can keep an eye on her because of its transparent, this ensures the security of each of the advertisers.

Not cool, with the blockchain technology company will invest their advertising budget had with better and more profitable. To Make it all Bitcomo parties Party unanimously agreed to create a network of Bitcom crowdsale way in the form of ICO at

Therefore to raise awareness and provide incentives as much as possible an individual to become part of the community Bitcomo. After all the ICO project finished then all the Tokens that have been purchased can be a source of passive pendapt lho and it is up to we want to sale or the token to spend campaigning.

Touring in funding during the ICO?
During this phase of the ICO, the user will have the opportunity to invest in Bitcomo. they will use the Ethereum and Waves platforms. The launch of the ICO is scheduled on October 15, 2017 and will last until November 29, 2017.

The price of tokens will survive $1 per 1 BM this number based on the number of tokens a minimum CPA across all networks worldwide. Minimum amount (soft cap) that we want to raise at this stage of the ICO is $10 million and the maximum number of (hard cap) is $30 million.

Distribution of funding
Developing and organizing the core resource network-50%
Security audit and information security-10%
Manage legal issues-10%
Upgrade your hardware after alpha testing-15%

Token Details
For All Crowdsale, 170 million Token BM will be distributed and sold.
Symbol: “BM” (BITCOMO)
-Total amount: $51 million
-offer price: $0.30

Bonus for initial investment
-83% ($3,386,400) 11,288,000 AM going bonus amount converted into bonus total for initial investment.
-Other 17% ($693.600) of 2,312,000 MB go to SMM, blogging, video and advertising — the main Bounty program
During the pre-ICO, 27.2 million Token BM will be sold — total $8,165.
Token BM for US $50,000 ($4,018,000) 13.6 million will be sold with a bonus BM 25% for initial investment, with a total of 3.4 million Token BM and $1,020,000
-Other BM Token $50 ($4 080 000) 13 600 000 MB will be sold with a 10% bonus for initial investment, for a total of 1 360 000 Token BM and it is $408,000.
For ICO, 108.8 million brand BM will be sold — total $32,640,000.
-BM Tokens 30% (US $9,792,000), 32,640,000 BM will be sold with a bonus 20% for initial investment, as much as a Token 6,528,000 BM, namely $1,958,400.
-BM 70% last Token ($22,848,000) 76,161,000 BM will be sold without the premium for the initial investment.

Token distribution
The future of Internet marketing will be the infrastructure (or ecosystem) where all transactions will be done by using the token. Bitcomo based on based on token BM.
This token is used to purchase the advertiser, all at once pays the affiliate. This ad network does not use other money. BM token will be placed on the exchange of the coins.
The Internal Token Store
Bitcoin owner, Etherium and crypto-other money can work together with Bitcomo, automatically turning on crypto-token money BM, to make a purchase online or in our platform to exchange coins.
As usual, the CPA stands for Post Advertiser Payments as well as specific actions such as Registration on the landing page. Therefore, we create and analyze a query from the list of ICO. In this case, we took our annual budget in some of our project and add it into our financial plans as a store purchase media. The result gives the number of conversion in the current token into the crowd.

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